Photos 20 products you didnt know were built with IBM Watson

Photos 20 products you didnt know were built with IBM Watson

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In March 2016, Hilton Worldwide announced Connie, a robot hotel concierge developed in conjunction with IBM Watson. Connie is currently stationed in Virginia, and can help with visitor requests, make restaurant recommendations, or explain some of the hotels amenities, among other things.

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SEE:5 companies using IBM Watson to power their business

The online therapy platformTalkspacejoined forces with IBM to better help its users facing mental health issues. The cognitive computing power of Watson enables the system to make decisions and connect users to licensed therapists based on specific mental health needs.

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In late 2014, IBM Watson partnered with LifeLearn to bring Watsons cognitive capabilities to veterinarians. The main product, LifeLearn Sofie, collects insight from the latest content around animal health so that veterinarians can stay up to date on the latest practices and provide better care.

Watson partnered withWayblazerto create a comprehensive travel research and booking service. The system is able to analyze images and reviews to create specialized recommendations for each traveler. Wayblazer offers options based on the clients desires, changing the way travel agencies operate.

Staples has used IBM Watson to transform itsEasy Buttoninto a customer service machine. The Easy Button is now a cognitive ordering ecosystem that allows customers to use voice, text, or email to order supplies.

The2017 Wimbledon competitionupped its game in AI technology. IBM Watson created video highlights of the games, based on facial recognition, crowd noise, and other sensory data. The presence of IBM Watson essentially eliminates the need for a video editor, as the engine puts together highlight packages at a more efficient rate.

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With theChef Watsonapp–created by IBM and Bon Appetit–Watson can teach you how to cook meals. Based on your dietary restrictions and specified ingredients, Watson can suggest a multitude of recipes and teach you how to make them step-by-step.

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Conner Forrest is a Senior Editor for TechRepublic. He covers enterprise technology and is interested in the convergence of tech and culture.

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Standard Bank uses IBM Watson to improve expediency ofaddressing customer inquiries. The system identifies customers quickly, resulting in a much faster response time and improving the overall operations of the bank.

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SEE:5 companies using IBM Watson to power their business(ZDNet)

Edge Up Sports is using IBM Watson to power its application that helps fantasy football fans better manage their teams. The goal of the app is to make it easier and faster to understand insights from the latest games and stay competitive.

IBM partnered with womenswear brand Marchesa to develop a cognitive dress that responded to human emotion at the Met Gala. Using Watson APIs and a host of other tools, the dress analyzed social sentiment and changed color depending on how users responded on Twitter.

IBMs cognitive computing platform, Watson, is being used in a host of businesses in finance, healthcare, legal, and other fields. But, there are some deployments that may surprise you.

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As part of a year-long research project, IBMWatson for Cyber Securitywill be developed in partnership with eight universities to help detect potential threats. Data from IBMs X-Force research library, as well as thousands of other security documents, will be fed into the system to help it better determine threats.

In 2016, IBM and General Motors (GM) joined forces to bring AI to automobiles. The aim was to bring location-based services to users in the car.GMs Onstar Gouses machine learning to interpret user preferences and find patterns in driving decisions, going on to provide personalized marketing ads.

IBM employees get access to a special version of Welltoks CafWell Concierge that is powered by Watson. It can help users better understand their health benefits and conditions, and it can even answer questions in natural language, such as: How long can I stay in the hospital post-partum?

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The IBM Watson Trend app takes data from millions of online conversations about specific products to help shoppers understand what will become trendy in a holiday season, so they can buy it before it sells out. For example, the app predicted which Lego sets were likely to sell out around Christmas 2015.

Smart toys are on the rise. WithCogniToys, IBM Watson is used to connecting with kids. The internet-connected toy is able to answer questions, tell jokes and stories, and even create a personality. The educational toy is meant to be a childs best friend and help them learn math, spelling, and more.

The nonprofit Sesame Workshop and IBM Watson set out to improve globalchildhood educationin 2016. Through Watson, the Sesame Workshop was able to offer educational systems and products that can adapt to any childs learning style.

Using the cognitive power of IBM Watson, Bear Naked granola customers can build their own granola blend on . Once a base granola is chosen, chef Watson suggests other flavor pairings based on your preferences.

Under Armour and Watson are getting fit. Their partnership aims to provide data-backed fitness and health insights for wearables and fitness apps. The Under Armour fitness appUA Recorduses Watson to create a cognitive coaching function, which gives users a fitness trainer and personal health consultant.

The American Cancer Society and IBM Watson partnered in 2016 to help give cancer patients individualized information and advice. The result was avirtual advisor, through which patients could ask questions and receive meaningful responses. The Watson-powered system analyzed the patients type of cancer and stage, to provide the best advice.

By analyzing unstructured data and collecting information on consumer markets, Watson can pick out clothes for you. TheNorth Facecreated a Watson-powered Expert Personal Shopper app, which suggests relevant products for each customer.

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SEE:5 companies using IBM Watson to power their business(ZDNet)

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