Photos An inside look at the Indiana IoT Lab

A workspace room includes lockers and power tools that were donated to the IoT Lab.

Indesign, LLC works on wearable technology, software design, and human factors design.

The Indiana IoT Lab is located in Fishers, IN, about 20 miles northeast of Indianapolis.

This space recently hosted a group of architects working on projects.

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Another view of the collaborative space, with a smartboard and smart table.

The IoT Lab includes a number of open, modern spaces for collaboration.

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Outside Source, a company that designs applications for connected home brands, has an office in the IoT Lab.

Alison DeNisco Rayome is a Staff Writer for TechRepublic. She covers CXO, cybersecurity, and the convergence of tech and the workplace.

The IoT Lab recently hosted a civic hackathon in this space, inviting developers, designers, students, and technologists statewide to build mobile apps and hardware solutions that improve the state or community.

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Engineering company Indesign, LLC also operates out of the IoT Lab.

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A number of companies have offices within the Indiana IoT Lab, along with Indiana University.

Another open workspace, as well as the IoT Lab kitchen.

Alison DeNisco Rayome is a Staff Writer for TechRepublic. She covers CXO, cybersecurity, and the convergence of tech and the workplace.

Another view of where the civic hackathon and other events take place at the IoT Lab.

The Indiana IoT Lab opened in March 2018.

A waiting area and workspace at the entrance to the IoT Lab.

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Another collaborative space in the lab.

The Indiana IoT Lab connects established industries statewide with local tech companies specializing in the Internet of Things. Heres a tour of the space.

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This vending machine will soon be full of electronic items that IoT developers may need while they are working, such as development kits or Raspberry Pis, so they dont have to leave the space to get the tools they need.

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The IoT Lab includes many spaces that are designed to be moveable, to fit whatever company needs them at the time. Here, the portable cabinets provide storage and a workspace barrier.

Companies that work in the lab can rent out power tools as they need them.

A number of companies and organizations have supported the IoT Lab, including Comcast Business and the city of Fishers, Indiana.

A collaborative space with moveable furniture, smartboards, and old fashioned paper and markers gives companies a place to meet and brainstorm ideas.

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The Indiana IoT Lab houses a cybersecurity company in one of its office spaces.

Photos An inside look at the Indiana IoT Lab

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