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You will always have to do your own evaluation, testing, deployment tuning, since your requirements are most likely different from everyone else. Although we have experience with many IoT platforms, I can guarantee you our requirements are different from yours.

Ive been struggling with this same question. Where I ended up is ThingsBoard:

thingsBoard can be clustered as well, using Zookeeper across multiple servers. In the passed Ive also clustered the cassandra DB.

Its opensource, installs fairly clean on any ol machine. Ive found the postgres database option is better than Cassandra (which is a nosql variant). Dashboards are nice and it speaks mqtt fairly well. The REST stuff requires x-authentication headers so browser rest stuff is cumbersome but not an issue if working from an app. Will be interested in hearing what others think…

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@ShindigNZ, Could you please share how to setup Thingsboard cluster?

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Ive posted asimilar questionfew days ago, maybe some of the answers are helpful

Interesting question. The need to be open source is because you want to selfhost it? Otherwise are there any other requirements leading to this?

Weve also worked extensively with Thingsboard and found it to be a solid, extensible platform. The ability to create any type of custom widgets (in addition to their canned offerings) for your dashboards with just a little Javascript is great.

I was just looking to get some advice regarding thingsboards reliability in comparison to other open source platforms. Also is there a particular platform that is currently the industry standard when it comes to open source iot platforms?

What was it exactly that was at issue with Thingsboard? Weve had a couple of issues, but it was b/c wed not dimensioned our AWS instance correctly.

I am starting out with IOT and am involved in a project that has potential to be scaled up to a few hundred device. I was looking for a reliable open source IOT platform, and at first glance thingsboard seemed to be very easy to implement and use. However over the past month, I have experienced 2 days where the thingsboard server was down.

Thanks! Ill take a look at your post and see the reaponses.

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