Report of sale

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Using yourLicense eXpress onlineaccount

If you end up keeping the vehicle, visit a vehicle licensing location to have the report of sale deleted.

If youve sold aboat, seeReport the sale of a boat. There is no fee to report the sale of a boat.

You must report the sale of your vehicle, if you:

The fee is$8.75, you can file your report:

Name and address of the person or organization who took ownership of the vehicle, and

Get a carbon monoxide warning sticker

Check the status of a driver license

Prorate and Fuel Tax modernization project

Alternative Fuel Vehicles and Plug-In Hybrids Washington State Tax Exemptions

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Renewal and registration fee information

If you have a Department of TransportationGood To Go!account, update it to show you dont own the vehicle anymore:

Mail to thevehicle licensing locationof your choice. Include a check for the fee. Please make checks out to Department of Licensing.

Get a title if the lienholder is out of business

You need to file a report of sale when you sell, donate or give up ownership of a vehicle (cars, trucks, motorcycles, motorhomes, registered off-road vehicles, travel trailers, boat trailers, etc.)

Self-certification for testing in Washington State

Keep a copy for your records. If you need a copy, submit aVehicle Record Requestand fee.

Make sure everything is correct before you file. If you find an error after youve filed, youll have to visit a vehicle licensing location to explain the error. The report will be deleted and youll need to file another one.

Prorate and Fuel Tax modernization project

Salvaged, abandoned, or contaminated vehicles

Sale price enter zero if a gift or inheritance,

International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)

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Licensing wheeled all-terrain vehicles

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You should file within 5 days. Theres no late fee for filing after 5 days, but you may be held liable for any financial, criminal or civil liabilities that the new owner may incur. Its in your best interest to file as soon as possible.

Nonresidents stationed in Washington

Regional Transit Authority (RTA) tax

Plates for modified off-road motorcycles

As of July 1, 2017 youll pay $8.75 to report the sale of your vehicle. Theres no fee to report the sale of a boat.

Licensing off-road vehicles and motorcycles

WA residents stationed outside the state

RCW 46.12.650: Releasing interest – Reports of sale – Transfer of ownership – Requirements – Penalty, exceptions

Filing will protect you from beingheld liable for towing charges or civil and criminal liabilitiesincurred by the new owner. The new owner musttransfer the ownershipinto their name.

2. Gather the information youll need

Replace your IRP cab cards, decals, or plates

Salvaged, abandoned, or contaminated vehicles

Report of sale

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