Security in internet of vehicles?

Security in internet of vehicles?

Autonomous University of Bucaramanga

In following article, They explore the concept of the Social Internet of Vehicles (SIoV), a network that enables social interactions both among vehicles and among drivers.

For an objective evaluation of conferences, we need an official third party whihc evaluates all the conferences, thus producing a credible…

The Internet of things (IoT) is the network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances and other items embedded with electronics, software,…

No doubt, rapid mobility will present its own unique problems, which should make the work interesting. I think this would affect your V2V communications security more so than V2I. The mobility issues with V2I will be managed at layer 2, but the end to end links are going to be controlled at higher layers.

please reply me regarding security gaps .

V2I, or even V2V between distant vehicles, will instead require something at layer 3 and above, since now cars would be communicating with distant hosts, perhaps even in a client-server scenario. Much like web browsing. Or like two computers that are far apart, communicating using IP..So the choices would involve, most likely, TLS (Transport Layer Security) or possibly IPsec.

I am planning to implement security threat models and security methods for the Internet of Things. What are the commonly used simulation tools for…

The term IoV covers lot of ground that has been addressed, and continues to be addressed, for security vulnerabilities. Im not sure that one should expect the security aspects to be significantly different for IoV than they are when applied to those same networks in other situations.

Does this project include Transportation in Smart Cities?

What is the potential of using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) for IoT based Cognitive Systems?

The Internet of Vehicles (IoV) consists of vehicles that communicate with each other and with public networks through V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle), V2I (vehicle to-infrastructure) and V2P (vehicle-to-pedestrian) interactions, which enables both the collection and the real-time sharing of critical information about the condition on the road network.

Dear researchers;how do you think we can use internet of things(I.O.T) on teacher training and on the whole training field ?

Could you please suggest some tools for simulation of IoT and Fog Computing?

future research in IOV regarding security?

Anyone working on Fragment Duplication Attack for IoT or IoV?

In the development of our research project we are analyzing several aspects related to the performance and security of the environment,…

Social Internet of Vehicles for Smart Cities

What are the commonly used simulation tools for the Internet of Things?

previous technology and current technology used.

There are vulnerabilities at these network layers that have been studied for many years. I think this is where you should start. Define the flavor of V2V or V2I you are interested in, see what technologies apply, and then investigate the security mechanisms that already exist, and are being developed currently, for that type of network.

Previous research in IoV can be the framework proposed by Pacheco et al. (2016). They proposed an IoT Security Development Framework (ISDF) for building trustworthy Smart car services. The ISDF enables developers to consider security issues at all IoT layers and integrates security algorithms with the functions and services offered in each layer rather than considering security in an ad-hoc and after thought manner.

For instance, if you do a search on V2V comms, you will find familiar 802.11 solutions offered. Here Im referring to the short-range, real time tactical communications, between cars that are in close proximity..Check out IEEE 802.11p, for example. These V2V comms may operate at layer 2, and therefore MACsec solutions, like 802.1ae and 802.1x, would seem a good bet.

Are there simulators (platform, framework, ….) to create IoT(Internet of Things) applications without using physical material?

La Planificacin y la gestin de la seguridad de la informacin : proteccin de activos

Is there any official and credible conference ranking or impact factor list?

What are the hot research topics in Fog computing technology ?

Does this project include Transportation in Smart Cities? If Yes, how are you planning to tackle Smart Vehicles? Any Architecture in mind?

The cognitive systems are based on Artificial Intelligence aligned with humans and essential to enable smart cities paradigm. What is the…

Un plan de seguridad es un estudio de alcance estratgico en el que la organizacin debe de abordar cules son sus activos de informacin ms valiosos y cmo protegerlos, tanto para cumplir con sus obligaciones legales cmo para ofrecer el servicio de calidad que los clientes y empleados demandan y precisan respectivamente, como para evitar la prdida, alteracin o difusin de informacines relevantes

previous research in IOV regarding security?

Anyone having experience in Fragment Duplication Attack for IoT or IoV. Please share published work if any.

Actualmente al ser humano le resulta complicado un cambio en los procesos o actividades que realiza, especialmente a la hora de involucrarse en nuevos paradigmas tecnolgicos. El reto est en entender las necesidades, adaptarlas a la tecnologa y generar soluciones innovadoras; creando ambientes semejantes a la realidad. Es as como, un espacio interactivo, intuitivo , creado con y para el usuario, y que pueda ser intervenido por cualquier persona sin importar experiencia o formacin; puede ser la solucin para un sistema complejo , logrando cambiar el comportamiento humano. El sistema de estudio , es el proceso de votaciones actual en Colombia. Tomando el implementado en varios pases con votaciones electrnicas, para cumplir no slo con las normas de seguridad informtica, sino mejorar la experiencia de las personas en un proceso tan dispendioso como este.

What are the hot research topics in Fog computing technology ?

Strategic intelligence analysis of a zombie attack

I am looking for a simulator for IoT(Internet of Things) applications?

They discuss technologies and components of the SIoV, possible applications and issues of security, privacy and trust that are likely to arise.


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