Siemens MindSphere

Evosoft and MindSphere: tailor-made digital solutions

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Bluvisions industrial IoT solutions, including beacons, gateways, fleet management software, real-time location tracking and condition monitoring are now available on MindSphere.

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Siemens MindSphere

HCL Technologies is an IT and engineering services company that helps global enterprises reimagine and transform their businesses through digital technology using the power of MindSphere.

News from Siemens, our partners, our customers, and MindSphere developers.

Discover how some of the worlds most innovative companies are using MindSphere.

Atos and MindSphere: Faster toward digitalization

MindSphere is secure, open, and can be hosted as a public, private, or on-premise cloud.

Atos brings its expertise in integration, infrastructure, consulting and security services to develop applications that connect MindSphere customers with their existing IT systems.

Accenture helps MindSphere users define business opportunities by applying its broad range of digital consulting, analytics and system integration capabilities.

Create apps with an open API and a scalable development environment.

AWS lets MindSphere users implement the companys distributed cloud infrastructure and services, providing redundant connectivity and power, and country-specific hosting to aid with compliance.

We connected industrial sensors to a miniature world of energy, transportation, and production infrastructure so you can see real-time visualizations and code.

Omnetric is a Siemens joint venture that leverages MindSphere to help energy providers take advantage of data intelligence to manage industry change and realize new business models.

Evosoft provides consulting services to help MindSphere users digitalize their industrial processes, model plant solutions, integrate data, and create applications.

MindSphere is the cloud-based, open IoT operating system from Siemens for the Industrial Internet of Things. Try our miniature world demo to discover MindSpheres potential and flexibility for app development.

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SAP HANA, the relational database platform on which the ecosystem of MindSphere is built, combines in-memory storage with high-speed data processing to provide powerful IIoT solutions.

Microsoft Azure integration fuels infrastructure innovation by allowing manufacturing companies to fulfill the potential offered by IoT, big data and machine learning applications.

FPT Corporation, a provider of technology outsourcing and IT services based in Vietnam, partners with Siemens to help organizations adopt digital transformation using MindSphere.

Become part of the MindSphere community and help shape the fourth industrial revolution.

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