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MindSphere improves the efficiency of manufacturing plans using large amounts of data. Image: Ksander/Shutterstock

With Azure, Microsoft is offering an innovative, secure and hyper-scalable global cloud computing platform, said Sabine Bendiek, area vice-president for Microsoft Germany.

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It supports manufacturing companies to succeed with their digital transformation using public cloud solutions and benefit from the full potential offered by IoT, big data and machine learning applications, Bendiek said.

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In addition to Java, JavaScript and Python, plans are in place for MindSphere to also support applications in the future

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Siemens IoT ecosystem MindSphere is to arrive on Microsofts Azure cloud platform in 2017.

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This will help us drive forward the expansion of our open IoT ecosystem still further, explained Peter Weckesser, COO of the product lifecycle management business unit at Siemens AG.

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The use of public cloud services means cutting out the installation and maintenance work involved in creating a dedicated IT infrastructure.

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It supports manufacturing companies to succeed with their digital transformation

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MindSphereenables industrial enterprises to improve the efficiency of plants through the acquisition and analysis of large quantities of production data.

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Telecoms giant Eir to take on 50 new apprentices

Integrating Siemens MindSphere and Microsoft Azure will fuel local innovation and provide customers greater flexibility and choice.

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It will create additional opportunities for customers, partners and third-party suppliers to use digital services and so enhance the productivity of plants and machines.

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Siemens and Microsoft plan to offer the MindSphere platform and affiliated apps on the Azure cloud platform in the future.

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