Street Legal Golf Carts and Electric Shuttles

Street Legal Golf Carts and Electric Shuttles

Let the experienced staff at MotoEV help you design a street legal cart or electric vehiclethat meets your specific requirements. From small modifications for an existing model to completely unique units, our vehicles are all manufactured to the highest standards with a reputation for excellent performance and durability. Golf carts are no longer just for playing golf. They are todays fun mode of transportation. Your customers, passengers and guests, as well as members of your staff,willprefer the quiet, environmentally-friendly ride.

We can ship any vehicle worldwide to your location in showroom condition at a great rate.

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Security System- Accessory NOW AVAILABLE!

Whether your needs include enforcing campus regulations, moving people around base, delivering food to guests or onsite services, we can help you find the right street legal cartsfor your needs. Our decades of experience and strong commitment to customer service, allow us to offer individuals, institutions, businesses, theme parks, organizations and resorts the highest-quality electric transportation at unbeatable prices. In addition to our competitive pricing on EVs, we also have a variety of affordable commercial applications for grounds keeping, emergency response, resort people movers, tour buses, food delivery, campus security and facilities maintenance.

Moto Electric Vehicles is your factory-direct source for MotoEVstreet legal cartselectricshuttles, GSA golf carts as well as a variety of commercial utility vehicles equipped to handle tasks in todays low-speed environments. With a wide range of seating options and load capacities, our street legal vehicles provide cost-conscious and reliable transportation solutions, and any vehicle can be customized to fit almost any application. Plus our specialty carts and shuttle buses include many standard features that would cost you much more from other manufacturers.

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We offer a variety of low-speed utility vehicles, parking shuttles, church buses and street legal carts for residential and commercial applications.

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NEW MODEL: 4 Passenger Back to Back Eclipse Lifted Golf Cart- Street Legal

Moto Electric Vehicles is located in Jacksonville, Florida. We provide sales for golf carts, low-speed vehicles, electric shuttles, neighborhood electric vehicles and more.

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By working closely with suppliers, GSA Schedules have changed the way government agencies purchase street legal carts and low-speed electric vehicles. Internet access to contract ordering information, terms and conditions, and up-to-date GSA pricing for MotoEV vehicles, as well as the option to create an electronic delivery order, are available throughGSA Advantage!Online Shopping. Utilizing these approved programs is the fastest and most effective way to purchase approved electric vehicles directly from our manufacturing facility. Government purchase cards are accepted at or below the micro-purchase threshold. If you have any questions regarding our vehicles or purchase agreements, please contact the Moto Electric Vehicles GSA Administrator as soon as possible for a prompt answer.

Moto Electric Vehicles is located in Jacksonville, Florida. We provide sales forstreet legal golf cartsand more.


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