Take Control of the Edge with Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions

Take Control of the Edge with Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions

IoT introduces connectedness that can help identify inefficiencies in your processes, improve the customer banking experience and dramatically improve client personalization of products and services.

By 2025, IoT in health and wellness is expected to generate a global economic impact of $1.6 trillion. Whether you are a patient, a provider or an insurer, IoT provides real-time visibility to improve experiences and efficiency, reduce costs and increase quality of patient care.

Smart cities are using IoT to reduce costs and resource consumption and increase safety to provide a higher quality of life for citizens. IoT devices such as real-time traffic management and smart street lighting are projected to save smart cities $4.6 trillion globally.

Free up IT and operational personnel with a centralized IT infrastructure platform with automated edge device detection, configuration and management.

Minimize data and network exposure by delivering timely software updates to your edge devices and applications.

Lower storage costs, network bandwidth and security risks with comprehensive data orchestration tools.

Smart manufacturers are becoming technology companies. Theyre using data-driven insights to improve operations, further automate the factory, and deliver more personalized products and new services to customers.

Implementing an IoT solution today is a challenge for enterprises. They often need to cobble together offerings from various vendors, with few standards and little guidance. VMware has created a rich partner ecosystem to take the guesswork out of IoT decisions by helping customers address complex IoT implementations across multiple industries.

IoT is transforming the transportation industry, from vehicle design and manufacturing, to logistics, insurance and retail sales. By connecting vehicles, consumers and the transportation infrastructure, there is a huge opportunity to improve driver experiences and safety and reduce costs.

Leverage IoT with remote asset management, smart metering and smart grid technologies to help you operate more efficiently, enabling you to reduce costs and conserve environmental resources, while increasing employee safety.

IoT can help you gain a competitive edge by helping you respond quickly to changing customer needs, improve supply chain efficiency and uncover new customer behaviors, as well as optimize customer experiences to boost sales and your brand image.

Free up IT and operational personnel with a centralized IT infrastructure platform with automated edge device detection, configuration and management.

Build partnerships between OT, IT and business decision makers to leverage organization-wide expertise.

Need help laying the groundwork for planning, deploying and managing IoT solutions?

Connecting thousands of devices introduces new challenges to traditional operations environments. So how can you prepare? Follow these six best practices to reduce IoT complexity and secure your enterprise-scale IoT platform.

See how VMware Internet of Things (IoT) solutions can help you manage broader, operate faster, protect better and innovate faster.

By 2025, analysts predict that 75.4 billion devices will connect to the Internet, a seismic shift that will affect industries from healthcare to retail. To keep pace, organizations will need to simplify IoT complexity, improve the security of IoT infrastructure and accelerate ROI with the right IoT platform.

Easily add more and new types of things with simple-to-deploy, scalable architectures and vendor-neutral management tools.

Learn how to leverage IoT data to meet the challenges of management and monitoring.

VMware Pulse IoT Center is an enterprise-grade, IoT device management and monitoring solution that efficiently manages, operates, scales and protects your IoT projects. It also enables both OT and IT organizations to onboard, manage, monitor and secure their IoT use cases from the edge all the way to the cloud.

IDG surveyed IT executives and specialists about their IoT challenges.

To bridge the gap between the IT and OT worlds and deploy end-to-end IoT solutions, VMware is forging alliances with partners in essential IoT-related fields.

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