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SAP Learning Hub Online Training and Enablement

SAP Learning Hub Online Training and Enablement

From SaaS and PaaS to private and hybrid learn more about cloud technology and its benefits. You can also investigate the latest cloud trends and hot topics, such as security and public cloud options.

SAP Education and Consulting Services

Industrial Machinery and Components

Learning, Development and Collaboration

SAP Cloud Platform Blueprint Finder

Application Integration and Infrastructure

Services Procurement and External Workforce

Registration and Profile Maintenance

The Internet of Things (IoT) is connecting machines to machines (M2M) and machines to people in nearly every industry. Explore this world of networks including the IIoT and Internet of Everything (IoE).

About Activity Stream and Notifications

Blockchain has the potential to majorly disrupt every industry. This distributed ledger technology goes far beyond cryptocurrencies to include everything from land titles and intellectual property to votes.

Enterprise mobility is a key component of any digital strategy. See how you can engage your employees, customers, and stakeholders in new and innovative ways with SAPs mobile technology and business apps.

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Traditional business models are being radically disrupted in the digital economy. Discover what it takes to be a digital business and learn about the innovative technologies driving digital transformation.

Engineering, Construction, and Operations

Small and midsize businesses are inherently agile so they can often adopt emerging technologies ahead of larger companies. See how SMEs are embracing digital disruption and new IT trends with SAP.


Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and deep learning are powering a new breed of software innovation. See how the technology can harness an ocean of Big Data to create business opportunities.

Big Data continues to explode in volume and variety, and companies must keep up. Learn about the latest Big Data tech trends, including real-time analytics and AI and find out what they can do for business.

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