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Its nearly time for Halloween, and with that comes creepy skeletons, eerie lights and spine-tingling sounds. Check out these cool ideas to decorate your home, or gift to your favorite ghoul.

New first responder technology uses Samsung Knox to improve security for California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation employees.

Autonomous vehicle technology is an emerging issue for many cities, and more than 50% are already planning for self-driving cars, according to a new report.

Experts predict that deepfake videos will be the newest way false information is spread. Some researchers even have a wager going on whether they will impact the midterm elections.

At MWCA, TechRepublic Senior Writer Teena Maddox moderated a panel to discuss the pros and cons of connected services and devices for kids in a digital age.

Find out how election maps can display a variety of stories, based on the data sets used. Esri Cartographer Ken Field explains the importance of choosing the right maps to get the complete story.

Theres value in your old smartphone, whether its from Apple, Samsung or another manufacturer. Find out who wants it, and how much its worth.

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Vendor comparison: Small business financial accounting software

Samsungs Galaxy A9 is the first smartphone to have four rear cameras, but there arent plans to sell it in the US.

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VR isnt hype or a mere novelty–there are real-world applications for the tech. This primer on virtual reality covers how businesses are using it, popular VR devices, and more.

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The service, called 5G Home, could help streamline the adoption of smart city tech and industrial automation.

SMB security pack: Policies to protect your business

5G technology: A business leaders guide

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Telephone interview cheat sheet: Support technician

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