Telit IoT Application Enablement and Device Management Platform

Ensure your mission-critical deployments will operate with resilience, regardless of the size of your deployment by integrating your complex web of devices, networks, and applications into a solution that performs at any scale. The Telit IoT Platforms comprehensiveDesign, Deploy and Managefeature set supports your Solutions lifecycle.

Directly pipe your IoT data into any software application, so your custom apps and analytical tools like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or SAP HANA can actually do what you want them to do.

Simple Integration to Third-Party Analytics or Cloud Applications

The platform includes the industrys most advanced connected device platform (CDP) for best-in-classconnectivity management. It allows the aggregation of multiple CDPs from Telit IoT Connectivity or other MNOs/MVNOs.  Web-based account management tools provide in-depth view and control. Provisioning features seamlessly integrate with mobile network operator and connected device platforms to provide lifecycle administration, real-time diagnostics, and utilization control. The IoT Platforms connectivity management functionality is also useful in preventing data overage and helping you easily manage data costs. You can simplify connectivity management with powerful services for data management and system administration.

Set up a closed network for industrial solutions with Telit deviceWISE for Factory.

Secure Networking: Transfer your data over highly secure SSL and TLS communication frameworks

The Proxy Gateway is the final integration technology that allows you to easily on-ramp your legacy devices that do not support the deviceWISE Agent.

RapidDevelopment and Device Management

Many other IoT platforms focus either on device management, connectivity management or application enablement capabilities. With the Telit IoT Platform, all of this functionality is combined into one, easy-to-use system. Its a complete, data-centric IoT platform with pre-built device drivers, connectivity management tools, and application connectors.

Available as a whole or in parts, Telits unique combination ofIoT partnersconsulting services, and community members combine to create powerful IoT-enabled transformations for your business.

Configure devices to only send specific data triggered by events, conditions or trends to minimize data bandwidth use and reduce the cost of running your IoT deployment.

The Asset Gateway Agent is installed on all partner gateway devices, offering connectivity and edge-intelligence to things that arent yet IoT ready or need an industrial-grade solution.

Leverage built-in tools to administer individual clients/users of your solution.  Manage user access to ensure only those with the pre-determined rights access the platform as they should.  Billing systems link with provisioning and usage measurement systems to enable you to bill your clients.

Private Cloud instance hosted on your own servers with Telit IoT Platform Private Instance.

Comply with worldwide Safe Harbor practices by leveraging Telits multi-geography global IoT Platform deployment.

Link your existing OT and IT infrastructures in support of the transition to next gen IoT solutions without the need for custom coding.

Youll get access to a robust, globalecosystemof device suppliers, system integrators, turnkey applications, and a rich do-it-yourself developer community. Telit has a large number of IoTapplicationssuch as consumer telematics, usage based insurance (UBI), cold chain, asset sharing, agriculture, copper theft, and field service already deployed on its IoT Platform. We continue to work with many global application developers to enhance the available IoT applications running on top of the Telit IoT Platform.

Its your choice: use the Platforms built-in data warehouse for storing your devices sensor data or deliver your data directly to enterprise solutions through native integration with 3rd party enterprise systems from industry leading vendors such as IBM, SAP, and Oracle.

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Telit IoT Platform Private Instance

Rapidly develop your solution with the worlds easiest way to connect any and we mean any type of device with the broadest library of pre-built device drivers. Then remotely monitor, diagnose and fix devices for low-cost lifecycle maintenance.

Telit IoT Application Enablement and Device Management Platform

Pay-as-you-go subscription to manage everything via the Telit IoT Portal

Session Management: Control how and when your staff login with smart-session ID and expiration timeout management

Simplify your IoT administration and protect your deployment from any threat, internal or external, with powerful Telit IoT Platform features, including:

Authentication: Make sure the right users are accessing the right resources with real -time Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA)

Connecting the world from the inside out.

Telits unique status as an IoT leader offers you the benefits of its IoT platform combined with ourModulesandConnectivitysolutions, all under one roof. With 15+ years of unmatched IoT expertise, resources, andsupportfocused on the success of our customers, Telit has an unmatched ability to assist our customers with developing an end-to-end solution from IoT concept ideation all the way to full-scale commercial deployments.

Attend our Telit IoT University if you want an in-depth experience with all of Telit IoT Platform capabilities.

Ensure security is up-to-date and maintenance costs are kept low with comprehensive remote device management tools.

Seamlessly manage a single remote device or many, over-the-air. The Telit IoT Platform enables you to configure, provision, and update your devices ad-hoc or by using custom schedules. Use the tagging feature to easily create campaign-groups based on a devices organization, location, type, or other parameters.

With the Telit IoT Platform, your development team can focus on building apps, not infrastructure. The platform allows you to easily connect your things and enterprise systems together, saving you time and allowing you to get your solution to market quickly.

Powerfuledge capabilitiesintegrate with devices to give you total flexibility in how you get your data, where you send your data, and how your solution responds to your data based on events and changing conditions throughout your deployment whether in the Cloud, on premise or at the edge. You can get your solution to market even faster by choosing deviceWISE-Ready partner gateways. Seepartner gateways

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Deploy your IoT solution with any architecture that works best for your needs. You get complete flexibility to configure around your existing systems, even if those systems vary from facility to facility across a global enterprise.

Validation: Leverage our powerful built-in data validation frameworks

Telit Cloud-ready modules have AT commands built-in enabling you with the easiest way to connect your remote devices to the Cloud.

Permissions: Manage who is able to access which resource with role-based permissions for all your different user types

Keep devices operating offline during intermittent connectivity to ensure no data is lost. Synchronize data via the configurable store-and-forward function once connections are reestablished.

Ensure reliability across your deployment by setting up edge devices to act and make decisions locally on the data they generate without the need to rely on a central server or cloud to send directions or logic back and forth.

Telit deviceWISE for Factory IIoT Platform

There are many ways to on-ramp your things to the Cloud.  These options ensure you can connect any type device:

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Streamline the operation of your solution in key areas of device, connectivity, data and system administration. To help you do that, the Telit IoT Platform includes functionality in all four areas.

Auditing: Comprehensive auditing, monitoring and reporting

Legacy and modern devices work together without custom coding, regardless of the different protocols they may use. Industrial PLCs such as Rockwell, Siemens, and many more can natively plug in to your IoT solution via pre-built drivers.

Prevent loss of data when data transport connections are temporarily broken with Store & Forward gateway functionality. By storing all incoming data and then automatically sending it once the connection is restored Store & Forward maintains data continuity to ensure information integrity in high value enterprise apps.

Telit has beenin the IoT businesssince before IoT was a term. (Back then it was M2M.) We used our expertise to develop the Telit IoT Platform that allows your teams to focus on making systems work together the way you want. If you do need help along the way, our team of experts is just a phone call away.

Encryption: Ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your intellectual property with advanced data encryption technology

Industry-standard TR50 MQTT APIs provide unrestricted data streaming, collection and integration. Or create your own APIs using the pre-packaged C and JAVA client library.

Smart Cities / Smart Transportation

Optimize your cellular IoT plans across multiple tier-one carrier networks to keep data flowing while keeping costs low.

Creating an IoT solution doesnt have to be difficult. Telit has the IoT know-how to help you get to market faster. Contact us now for a free consultation.

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