The Internet of Things (IoT) Starts with Intel Inside®

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Mining the vast volumes of data generated by the IoT has potential to transform business successpaving the way for richer insights, greater levels of efficiency, and enhanced productivity. Intel® IoT Market Ready Solutions (Intel® IMRS) have been developed to capitalize on these game-changing advantages. Made possible by the Intel® IoT partner ecosystem, these solutions are optimized for data-intensive workloads and are adaptable, vetted, and ready for immediate deployment.

Whether you start small or go big, find what you need to get the IoT working for your things.

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Explore the building blocks for IoT products from end-to-end solutions to cloud gateways and virtualized, real-time industrial systems.

Connect with software developers to build smarter things and create new business opportunities.

IoT technology enables todays factories to enhance collaboration between machines, humans, and enterprise systems from the supply chain to the shop floor. Intel IoT solutions can help unlock operational efficiency, optimize production and increase worker safety. As an example, Intel partnered with Daqri to create a smart wearable hardhat that would allow todays workers to use augmented reality capabilities to make repairs more easily, collect critical data, and even create a safer work environment.

Confidently deploy interoperable solutions built on trusted technology and a legacy of IoT leadership.

Together with Intel® technology, your business can harness the power of IoT from smarter manufacturing to more secure office buildings. Explore our gallery of infographics to see how Intel is transforming the world with dozens of innovative IoT solutions.

For retailers, the IoT offers unlimited opportunities to increase supply chain efficiencies, develop new services, and reshape the customer experience. Ultimately our goal is to unify and connect every single shopping experience from brick-and-mortar to digital. As an example, our work with Levi Strauss & Co. created near real-time inventory visibility of every item in its flagship store in San Francisco. Using RFID tags and readers, the store team got instant updates on on-shelf availability, making inventory replenishment more precise.

Were improving the way businesses connect with technology and technologies connect with each other the results are truly amazing.

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The IoT reaches its full potential with the creation of a software-defined autonomous world. Intel is working to create devices that will become smart enough to function on their own, making real-time decisions, learning from their environment, and using that learning to improve performance. Complex systems will have the power to operate freely, making decisions right where the data is collected. At this stage, the possibilities are endless.

Internet of Things (IoT) solutions based on Intel® architecture help enable the transformation of todays urban environments into the smart, connected, secure cities of tomorrow.

Explore real-life applications of the IoT and learn how you can apply them to your business.

We call video the eye of the IoT, as it truly is the ultimate sensor. With applications for their use growing across industries, Intel IoT video solutions are increasing connectivity and enabling real-time situational awareness to help us transform everyday activities into amazing experiences.

The Intel® IoT Platform is an end-to-end reference model and family of products from Intel, that works with third party solutions to provide a foundation for seamlessly and securely connecting devices, delivering trusted data to the cloud, and delivering value through analytics.

Intel IoT provides an innovative foundation for healthcare with its smart edge, advanced connectivity, and open, scalable, and proven architecture.

This white paper discusses how the Internet of Things engages consumers and helps business analyze what their customers want and need as well as how to offer new products and services to enhance consumers lives.

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Rogue Ales uses a surprising ingredient to ensure the best beer, Intel. Hops are a volatile crop that can degrade in a matter of 12 hours so Rogue delivers freshly harvested wet hops immediately to breweries.

Through the IoT, the power grids countless devices can share information in real time to distribute and manage energy efficiently. Intel® products, solutions, and services are enabling secure and seamless Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for upstream oil and gas.

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Technology experts are buzzing about the potential of IoT, but where should leaders in consumer industries start to look for real results?

The second phase in the evolution of IoT involves building intelligence and connectivity directly into new devices. This will allow businesses to collect, process, and analyze data without relying solely on transferring it to the cloud. With an estimated 50 billion connected devices in 2020, we run the risk of oversaturating the cloud. Thats why Intel is working with its ecosystem of partners to use edge analytics that would send only the most important insights across the network, solving problems in real-time.

Accelerate IoT adoption with commercially deployed and fully supported Intel® IMRSspeeding time to market, revenue, and ROI.

Discover how Intel® technologies make it easier to manage your IoT solution and enable analytics, including gateways.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a robust network of devices, all embedded with electronics, software, and sensors that enable them to exchange and analyze data. The IoT has been transforming the way we live for nearly two decades, paving the way for responsive solutions, innovative products, efficient manufacturing, and ultimately, amazing new ways to do business.

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The Internet of Things is driving innovation, from smart cities, home, and classrooms to energy management and wearable devices.

TAP is an open-source software platform optimized for performance and security that can accelerate the creation of advanced analytics and machine learning solutions to parse IoT data.

Todays offices, factories, retail outlets, and other commercial facilities are evolving into smart buildings. With the IoT, we can address rising energy costs, control building operations, and improve tenant safety and comfort by connecting, managing, and securing devices that collect data from core systems.

Catch up on IoT news and hear from the Intel technologists driving the evolution of IoT.

Leverage the innovations made possible by a robust Intel® IoT ecosystem comprising developers, OEMs, solution providers, and SIs.

No single technology provider can enable the IoT alone thats why we work with an ecosystem of partners to provide effective solutions.

Data analytics is transforming nearly every industry, providing the answers companies need to boost throughput, lower operational costs, and increase worker safety and efficiency.

Wind River is an Intel company offering an ecosystem of over 170 partners with comprehensive knowledge and expertise on integrating new IoT technologies.

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Gain superior protection across your whole IoT platform with fortified hardware and software security.

At Intel, our vision for the evolution of the IoT happens in three stages first, we must connect the unconnected. That means taking current unconnected devices and adding sensors and technology that allows them to transfer data to the cloud, where it can be analyzed and transformed into actionable insight. Intel works with an ecosystem of partners to provide end-to-end solutions for businesses that are looking to improve safety, enhance business performance, and more.

Realize your IoT goals sooner with the right products and solutions.

Introducing Intel® GO™ Automated Driving Solutions, bringing together car, connectivity, and cloud.

Find everything you need to start building IoT applications, from documentation, tools, and support to a community of like-minded developers.

The car of the future will share data with the cloud, infrastructure, and other vehicles. When combined with smart, powerful compute, blazing-fast 5G, and an advanced data center, data will fuel the self-driving car. Intel is working with leading automakers and suppliers to create amazing experiences inside the vehicle today, while forging a roadmap to autonomous driving tomorrow with technologies that span the car, connectivity, and the cloud.

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The Internet of Things (IoT) Starts with Intel Inside®

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