The Premier Connected Home Conference

Tony Frangiosa, CEO,InstallerNet, Inc.

David McCall, Senior Strategic Planner – Smart Home Group,Intel Corporation; Chair – Strategy Work Group,Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF)

Security and Data Analytics: Protecting the Connected Consumer- Grand Peninsula EF

Extending Monitoring Services to Smart Products- Grand Peninsula ABC

Moderated byDina Abdelrazik, Research Analyst,Parks Associates

Brad Russell, Director, Connected Home,Parks Associates

Michele Turner,Sr. Director, Smart Home Ecosystem, Google Assistant/Home,Google

Terry Bader, Chief Revenue Officer,Guardzilla

Moderated byBrad Russell, Director, Connected Home,Parks Associates

Smart speakers were the first consumer electronics category to be built with AI at the foundation of the user experience and value proposition. This Google keynote examines the impact of this trend as artificial intelligence becomes more prevalent in consumer electronics.

Duane Paulson, VP – Strategic Partnerships,Fing

Cecilia Sevillano, Head of Smart Home Solutions,Swiss Re

Greg Mischou, Senior Partner & Managing Director,Woodside Capital Partners

Split Sessions: Protecting Consumers and the IoT

Smart Home Business Models: Shift to Services- Regency Ballroom

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Manar Alazma, Vice President of Product Management,Nuance Communications

Dale Pistilli, VP of Sales & Marketing,August Home

Dylan Gale, Principal,Comcast Ventures

Christopher Baskin, CEO,American Two-Way

Mike Hackett, Co-founder and SVP,Qolsys

Registration Open -Grand Peninsula Foyer

Alton Martin, Co-Founder & Co-CEO,Trusource Labs

Smart products are a challenge to, and an opportunity for, the security industry. Smart safety and security products compete directly with security systems, as both provide peace of mind for consumers. However, self-monitoring of safety and security products is insufficient to many, and a majority of smart product owners express interest in adding professional monitoring to their smart products. This session examines the addition of monitoring services to smart products and its impact on the competitive landscape.

Chris Ince, Z-Wave Business Development Director,Silicon Labs

Opening Comments: Evolution of the Smart Home- Regency Ballroom

Investment Strategies: Connected Home & IoT- Grand Peninsula ABC

As the connected home evolves from a collection of standalone devices to a unified system with personalized and coordinated scenes, its domain will expand from core smart home devices to a variety of adjacencies. This future-facing session looks at the next stages of the connected home.

Marcio Avillez, SVP Networks,CUJO AI

Insurance and Home Services: Being a Trusted Advisor- Grand Peninsula ABC

offer a mix of market research, analysis, and industry insight. This approach is unique among conferences and necessary to capture the complexity and see the opportunities in these interconnected markets. The deadline for speaker submissions has passed, but Parks Associates will continue to review proposals.Submit to speak.

Dr. Chris Mitchell, CEO & Founder,Audio Analytic

Tobin Richardson, President & CEO,Zigbee Alliance

All insurers, from home to car to health, can use smart home data to determine competitive premiums, reduce financial risks, and provide new benefits and services to their customers. This session examines insurance opportunities for the connected home, offers insights on the benefits for both insurers and policy holders, and discusses strategies, including the success of current trials, to engage insurance consumers with smart home solutions.

Morgan Hertel, Vice President of Technology & Innovation,Rapid Response Monitoring

Split Sessions: Adding Value to the Home

Smart Home Platforms: Consumer Value and Experience- Grand Peninsula ABC

Moderated byJennifer Kent, Director, Research Quality & Product Development,Parks Associates

Timo Laaksonen, President, F-Secure Americas,F-Secure

Moderated byPatrice Samuels, Sr. Research Analyst,Parks Associates

Jeffrey Weiner, VP, Product, Marketing and Sales,Mersoft

Parks Associates consumer research shows strong connections between consumer demand for smart home products and consumer interest in using these solutions for insurance purposes. This special research session looks at consumer interest in a home insurance-smart home connection and its potential impact for business models on both sides.

Pre-Show Research Workshop: Smart Home and IoT: The Next Big Sell- Grand Peninsula EF

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Voice-First Experience: From Smart Speakers to the Whole House- Grand Peninsula ABC

Yuval Harry, Head of Partnerships,Hippo Insurance

Moderated byTom Kerber, Director, IoT Strategy,Parks Associates

Naveen Chhangani, Head of Product Management,Arlo, NETGEAR

Jeff Blankenburg, Alexa Evangelist,Amazon

Laura Crisp, Manager of Emerging Business, Chamberlain,Chamberlain

Industry Insights: Growth and Business Models

Jim Poder, VP, Product Management Residential Systems,Nortek

Smart Insurance: Mitigating Risk and Engaging Consumers- Grand Peninsula EF

Moderated byTom Kerber, Director, IoT Strategy,Parks Associates

Director of Research for Intel Smart Home

Monika Gupta, EVP Sales, Marketing and Product,Cognitive Systems

Ted Haeger, VP of Training & Support,Control4

Moderated byBrad Russell, Director, Connected Home,Parks Associates

The key health use case for the smart home is independent living. With an aging but independently minded population, the U.S. market is seeing a surge in demand for smart solutions that enable the ill and elderly to live safely at home. This session examines the opportunities for providers, vendors, and caretakers as the smart home and connected home crossover.

Thomas Nakatani, VP of Monitoring Technology & Product,ADT

Traditionally siloed ecosystems of entertainment and smart home are increasingly coming together, providing consumers with interactive control over various parts of the connected home. Innovations from voice control for streaming music to IP camera streams on smart TVs are shredding the traditional barriers between connected entertainment and the smart home. This panel examines this move toward convergence in the home, the recent trends that impact convergence, and the impact of convergence on the entertainment and smart home industries.

Welcome to CONNECTIONS™: The Premier Connected Home Conference- Regency Ballroom

Home Security: The Expanding Market- Grand Peninsula ABC

Tech Support & Privacy: Creating Consumer Confidence- Grand Peninsula EF

Moderated byKristen Hanich, Research Analyst,Parks Associates

Split Sessions: Connecting Consumers to their Technology

Moderated byTom Kerber, Director, IoT Strategy,Parks Associates

Matt Wolf, Head of Partnerships,SimpliSafe

Jason Dudley, Senior Planning Analyst,Salt River Project

Opening Comments: Key Innovations in the Connected Home- Grand Peninsula ABC

There has been a flood of DIY and self-installable solutions. This session examines the impact of these smart systems and the opportunities to expand the security market.

Moderated byJennifer Kent, Director, Research Quality & Product Development,Parks Associates

AI Impact on Residential Security Business

Industry Insights: Winning Support Strategies

Max Li, President and CEO,Tri Cascade, Inc.

Dhruveshkumar Patel, CTO,VOLANSYS Technologies

Moderated byDina Abdelrazik, Research Analyst,Parks Associates

IoT devices are now prime targets for hackers, and each breach prompts alarmist headlinesand another hit to consumer confidence in these new solutions. This session looks at ways IoT capabilities can be used to protect the end user and the home network. Speakers examine the innovations that are improving the security experience for the smart home consumer.

Rusty Lhamon, Sr. Director, IoT Solutions,T-Mobile

Registration Open- Grand Peninsula Foyer

As the number of sensors and smart objects in the home expands, consumers will be able to interact with their home network anywhere, for any number of requests. This session looks at near-field and far-field options in new voice technologies and the challenges in presenting a seamless voice-first experience in a household where multiple different smart products are listening and responding.

Geoff Ferrell, Chief Technology Officer,Mandalay Homes

Industry Insights: Channel Strategies

The market for smart home devices is exploding. Voice-enabled speakers, wearables, and remote and connected controls such as door locks, security cameras, and thermostats are widespread. The next stage of technology is innovative screen-based multimodal devices.

Moderated byBrad Russell, Director, Connected Home,Parks Associates

Shuvankar Roy, Vice President, Xfinity Home Transformational Leader for Connected Home Strategy & Operations,Comcast

Brett Worthington, VP Global Business Development & Partnerships,Samsung SmartThings

Smart Home Products: Selling the Experience

Miles Kingston, General Manager, Smart Home Group,Intel Corp.

Daniel Behrendt, Business Development,Honeywell Connected Home

Josh Pederson,Director of Product,Ayla Networks

Patti Loyack, VP of IP Services for Comcast, explores consumers relationships with technology and how poor adoption of base level technologies like home Wi-Fi can impact every innovation that comes after and prevent consumers from creating and living in a smart home.

Kent Dickson, Co-Founder and CEO,Yonomi

Anthony Versarge, Head of Product, Health and Wellness,Comcast

Bob Gulino, Founder and VP Marketing,Nuro Technologies

Rob Munin, President and CEO,Lux Products Corp

Deepak Batheja, Chief Digital Officer & Group CIO,iQor US Inc.

Arsham Hatambeiki, VP Corporate Product & Strategy,Universal Electronics Inc.

Connected Ecosystems: Entertainment and Smart Home- Regency Ballroom

The variety of use cases made possible by smart home devices creates unique sales challenges, as different buyers will have different needs, but also opens opportunities for new approaches to communicate the value of the platform during the purchase process. This panel looks at what consumer expect when they buy smart home devices and how companies can deliver that and more in their products.

Len Jordan, Managing Director,Madrona Venture Group

Split Sessions: Beyond Early Adopters

Future of the Connected Home: Delivering on Promises- Grand Peninsula ABC

Smart home products are pushing into mainstream channels, with consumer interest in many smart home products steadily increasing. Value-added services derived from data are driving differentiation of smart home solutions, yet development of business models that drive recurring revenue are still evolving. This session looks at the role of value-added services in the smart home, emerging business models, and the impact of business models on the competitive landscape.

Drew Doleski, Senior Product Manager, IoT/Telematics – Connected Home,Verisk Analytics

Richard Wolpert, Co-Founder & CEO,HelloTech

Moderated byPatrice Samuels, Sr. Research Analyst,Parks Associates

Kevin Meagher, Chief Commercial Officer,Intamac

Moderated byDina Abdelrazik, Research Analyst,Parks Associates

Moderated byTom Kerber, Director, IoT Strategy,Parks Associates

Nigel Pugh, CEO,IMONT Technologies Limited

Brad Russell, Director, Connected Home,Parks Associates

Tom Stimac, Chief Innovation Officer,GE Lighting

Parks Associates presents insights on the smart home, recent market changes, and future directions based on industry trends, consumer research, and IoT innovations.

Moderated byJennifer Kent, Director, Research Quality & Product Development,Parks Associates

Data science and AI-oriented tools are emerging as key components in the evolution of experiences, features, business models, and consumer engagement. They are also changing the way that products are designed and services are delivered. This session examines the competitive advantages driven by data, the progress of AI, the value created by these applications, and the associated challenges with implementing AI in the home.

Sanjay Manney, Sr. Director of Product Management and Marketing,Rambus

Ran Baror, VP Consumer Business,eyeSight Technologies

Parks Associates launches the 22nd-annual CONNECTIONS™ with a discussion on the current status of the smart home and connected entertainment markets. Industry executives discuss key trends in the smart home markets and the next steps necessary to move into the mass market.

The company that controls the UX is the leader in the consumer IoT. This session looks at the efforts to build a seamless experience that crosses brands, platforms, and ecosystems, invisible to the end user.

Matt Johnson, VP of Business Development,EnergyHub

Independent Living: Serving Consumers at Home- Grand Peninsula ABC

Moderated byDenise Ernst, Senior Analyst,Parks Associates

John Kennelly, General Manager, Built,b8ta

Energizing the Smart Home: Changing Role of Utilities- Harbour Room AB

Moving the smart home from early adopter to a mass market requires continued investments to create unique and personalized consumer experiences. In this session, investors and VCs active in the IoT discuss the start-ups, new technologies, and cutting-edge innovations that will tip the scales.

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Jim Hunter, Chief Scientist and Technology Evangelist,Greenwave Systems

Smart Home Devices: Addressing Privacy and Security

Craig Johnson, President, Residential Solutions,Emerson

Smart home devices are being purchased and installed by different end-market segments, each with its own unique needs. Simultaneously, smart home products are being offered by a growing list of channels, each with their own strengths and reach. This session examines the expanding sales channels and end-user groups for smart home solutions.

Seamless Experiences: Interoperability and User Interfaces- Grand Peninsula EF

This keynote explores the potential of the smart home to enrich the lives of those aging in their homes by providing caregiving, connection, and companionship. Emotional, intellectual, and social wellness can be enhanced with technologies including home automation, ambient computing, and local artificial intelligence (AI). Miles Kingston, GM of Intel Smart Home, discusses why Intel continues to invest heavily into research on this topic and how the company is building technology capabilities to support this ripe market. He is joined by Dr. Melissa Gregg, Director of Research for Intel Smart Home, who will cover research assumptions and inspire the audience to consider health, wellness, and quality of life as ongoing requirements for the connected homes of the future.

Elizabeth Parks, SVP,Parks Associates

Aditya Pendyala, Co-Founder VP Growth,mnubo

Director of Research for Intel Smart Home

Opening Reception and Networking -Grand Peninsula D

Steve Horley, Advisor Global Innovation & Investments,Tokyo Electric Power Co.

Russell Vail, Executive Vice President – Market Development,Alula

Expanding home networks threatens network reliability and device security. This session examines the impact of smart home and IoT adoption on the support needs of consumers and households.

Sponsored by Connected Health Summit

Moderated byPatrice Samuels, Sr. Research Analyst,Parks Associates

AI: Contextual Learning to Drive Smart Home and Entertainment Experiences- Harbour Room AB

Mike Wajsgras, Director of Channel Development,Constellation

These devices feature multiple types of input in addition to voice, such as displays, camera, and sensors, and enable more sophisticated, higher-end user experiences. The ease-of-use and intuitive interactions of these multimodal products will integrate them into the daily tasks of the connected lifestyle and create valuable touchpoints for consumer engagement. This session examines the value these solutions bring to smart home business models and explores the potential of smart displays to connect/integrate vertical applications with back-end services.

Protection of loved ones and property is consistently the leading value proposition for the smart home and a slew of new products and services are competing to fulfill the unmet home safety and security needs of consumers. As new innovative safety and security products enter the market, they compete with the traditional security and DIY security solution providers. This session discusses the evolving competitive landscape for home safety and security solutions and the opportunities for partnership.

Moderated byBrad Russell, Director, Connected Home,Parks Associates

Jon Clay, Director, Global Threat Communications,Trend Micro

Moderated byBrad Russell, Director, Connected Home,Parks Associates

Wayne Morrison, Principal, Emerging Technologies,Reliant

Larry Folsom, President and CEO,I-View Now

Split Sessions: Expanding the Experience

Richard Culberson, Executive Director, Home Security & Smart Home Operations,Cox Communications

Aleem Lakhani, EVP, Specialty Risk,AmTrust North America

Moderated byJennifer Kent, Director, Research Quality & Product Development,Parks Associates

Lisa Fetterman, Founder and CEO,Nomiku

Daniel Moneta, CMO & EVP Corporate Development,MMB Networks

Kurt Hoppe, Global Head of Innovation Mobility & Connected Services,GM

Parks Associates is an internationally recognized market research and consulting company specializing in emerging consumer technology products and services.

Rich Bira, Managing Director, USA,Fibaro

Consumers continue to push for a simple, personalized user experience across all their favorite devices in and outside of the home yet without complexity or demands on them. Two thought leaders sit down to discuss the innovations and platforms driving the convergence of uses cases in the connected home, extending from home security to personal health to the connected car. Executives examine the technologies powering monitoring, analytics, and detection solutions in the smart home and how industry trends are shifting the balance between hardware, networks, and cloud-based services. They also present strategies to leverage these technologies and coordinate components from many different verticals in order to deliver a unified experience to the end user.

Frank Ploumen, Head of Premises Product Management,Calix

J.B. Fowler, Chief Product Officer,DOMOTZ

Jeremy Warren, Chief Technology Officer,Vivint Smart Home

Energy is a staple of the smart home. Energy monitoring and management services are excellent complements to home security, controls, data analytics, and personalization, and smart thermostats are currently the hero device of the smart home. This session looks at the next generation of energy services, the intelligence derived from energy data, and the changing role of energy providers and utilities as partners and players in the smart home.

Dan DiClerico, Smart Home Expert,HomeAdvisor

The current technical complexity of the connected home exceeds the capabilities of many early adopters, much less the average mass-market consumer. Each new connected device adds new communication requirements, bandwidth usage, and more potential security risks. This session examines changes in the support needs of consumers, the shift from hardware to a software focus, and new approaches to solving problems for connected consumers.

Chris Jones, Vice President of Technology,iRobot Corporation

Consumer Insights: The Buyer Journey from Sales to UX

Closing Comments- Grand Peninsula ABC

Ed Doran, Principle Program Management,Microsoft

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