These are the worlds best IoT conferences and expos to attend in 2017

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Summary:This conference provides a chance for individuals to interact with and learn from academics, engineers, scientists, and industrialists.

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Summary:This 150-student hackathon focuses on IoT applications relevant to the industry and provides a platform for enterprising solutions powered entirely by students.

Summary:Last year was the second edition of this event, and it more than doubled the figures from its inaugural one in 2015 with 172 exhibiting companies and more than 8,000 attendees from 70 nations.

Summary:More than 1,500 people will gather for a series of keynotes, panel discussions, and case studies to foster relationships in the fintech space.

Summary:This conference will focus on electrical engineering; mechanical and industrial engineering; civil engineering; ICT; business management; oil, gas, energy and mining engineering; basic science; and food and agriculture.

Fortunately, there are a plethora of conferences and seminars that serve to bring decision makers and other influential individuals up to speed on the latest trends in the IoT. The following is a chronological list of all the best IoT conferences, expos, bootcamps, and more for the remainder of 2017.

Summary:The second edition of this forum will use lectures and conference sessions to focus on issues that stem from the current IoT market.

Summary:Microsoft, Softweb Solutions, and COMPAREX will join together to present the event, which will discuss how IoT can be implemented.

Summary:The theme of this event is The Rising Era of Graphene and encourages young minds to meet experts in this field.

Summary:The automotive and tech industries are preparing for the next wave of innovation in India: the rise of connected vehicles.

Summary:Also known as I3C17, this conference will focus on the trends that will influence the next decade of development, such as 5G and cloud computing.

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Summary:The expo will feature keynote speeches, discussions, poster presentations, and exhibitions.

Summary:This bootcamp markets itself as a shot, intense course that teaches people how to solve big problems with tiny computers.

Summary:The topics for this conference will be similar to the 3rd International Conference on Engineering, Technology, Management and Science 2017.

Summary:This expo will feature case studies and seven dedicated conference tracks that span the entire IoT, which includes Smart Cities, Connected Living, Developing & IoT Technologies, Connected Services, Wearables, Connected Industry, and Data & Security.

Where:LHospitalet de Llobregat, Spain

Summary:This gathering will feature some unique events, such as the Connected Car Hackathon.

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Summary:ICETMS 2017 is looking for submissions on electrical engineering; mechanical and industrial engineering; civil engineering; ICT; business management; oil, gas, energy and mining engineering; basic science; and food and agriculture.

Summary:This conference touts itself as three days of technology and business in one of the most exclusive spots in Argentina.

Summary:Companies are now trying to leverage the Industrial IoT to minimize downtime, boost efficiency, and usher in a new age of economic growth and competitiveness. This conference will collect several forward-thinking companies to pave the road for the Industrial IoT revolution.

Summary:This workshop aims to discover uses for the Internet of Things in Active and Assisted Living (AAL).

Summary:This conference will focus on how to rapidly increase adoption of IoT products.

Summary:This event will feature keynote speeches and breakout sessions under two tracks: Smart Solutions and Tools, Technologies, and Resources.

Summary:IRCMES 2017 will address topics in science, engineering, business, and management.

Summary:This is the first in a series of events in 2017 that will be held throughout Southeast Asia. Other locations include Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam. More than 1,800 IoT stakeholders participated in 2016.

Summary:This event claims it is the only exclusive one for manufacturers that capitalizes on the tremendous opportunities in the IoT.

Crowd waits for video presentation at the Activision booth during the 2014 Electronic Entertainment Expo, known as E3, in Los AngelesTheInternet of Things(IoT) is poised to change the way we live our lives, from commuting to entertainment and more. And with that radical transformation comes volumes of new methods that require education for those connected to the industries that the IoT will influence in the coming years.

Summary:The International Forum on the Internet of Things organizes this annual conference to gather researchers, experts, and companies in the IoT space.

Summary:This event unites hackers and decision makers to get together on medical product design, agricultural IoT development, retail, and more.

Summary:This conference keys on cybersecurity and aims to create an environment in which innovators in this space share ideas.

Summary:The main topics at this conference will include monetizing the industrial Internet, changing business models, defining data strategies, understanding data privacy and security issues, and developing secure ecosystems.

Summary:Scientists, researchers, students, and businesses will unite to pave the future where biology and technology intersect.

Summary:The theme of this expo is Convergence, Connecting, Convenience.

Summary:This event will discuss breakthroughs in the field of polymer science through more than a dozen tracks such as Green Polymers and Polymer Physics.

Summary:Gyancity ResearchLab, MIR Lab, India UTHM Malaysia, MUET Pakistan, University of MalagaSpain, and Aalborg University, Denmark are all organizing this event.

Summary:This IoT conference will use networking, case studies, and special events to explain how the IoT will help businesses solve problems in the future.

These are the worlds best IoT conferences and expos to attend in 2017

Summary:This London-based conference focuses on several verticals, such as automotive, healthcare, asset and fleet management, manufacturing, security, retail point of sales, smart grid, smart metering, smart home and consumer electronics industry.

Summary:Highlights from is conference include presentations of success stories of IoT implementations for end customers and a technical conference for engineers working on designing IoT solutions.

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