Some weeks ago, we released Ubuntu Snap packages for installing the IoT server easily on Ubuntu Core, or Ubuntu 16.04. Today…read more

In the latest server update, we released a new feature, called Access Tokens, which allows controlling the access to…read more

We believe that providing an awesome developer experience is a must when adopting new technologies. We are dealing with machines, but we believe in clean designs for humans. Easy to use, and easy to understand. No more complex code for doing simple things.

We have recently updated our console documentation to cover all the configurable aspects on it. We have included information…read more

Turning on a light from the Internet or reading a sensor value requires a single line of code on the MCU. But thats not all.

For building the best Open Source IoT platform

We are so proud to announce a new hardware development kit designed from the team! After more than…read more is a Spanish start up founded in 2015 who aim to enable any developer or organisation to develop…read more

Prototype, scale, and manage your IoT products with the bestReady to start building IoT products?

Although the platform is an Open Source platform for the Internet of Things, it provides aready to usescalable cloud infrastructure for connecting things. Makers and companies can start controlling their devices from the internet in minutes, without worrying about the required cloud infrastructure.

Install the server in your own cloud and use the Open Source libraries for connecting your devices.

Alvaro Luis BustamanteCEO & Founder –

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Why I have to select a compatible vendor hardware? Why I need to use an Operating System just for my toaster? Why my device must run a scripting language that burn the batteries? Why I have to rely on a specific vendor and its closed platform? These are some questions I made myself before starting to work in the platform.

Focus on develop your awesome IoT products. We make them available from the Internet for you.

Connect anything you want. Arduino, ESP8266, Raspberry Pi, Intel Edison? Thats not a problem.

accounts to start building their IoT projects in minutes, just using our cloud infrastructure.

Want scalability, speed, and security? Use our hosted cloud infrastructure with an easy to use admin console.

We offer a ready to go scalable cloud infrastructure for connecting millions of devices. You can control them with our easy to use admin console, or integrate them in your business logic with our REST API.

In, you can use data buckets to store and export any time-series data from your IoT devices. At…read more

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