TICK Stack

InfluxData provides aModernTime Series Platform, designed from the ground up to handle metrics and fluxDatas productsare based on an open source core. This open source core consists of the projectsTelegrafInfluxDBChronograf, andKapacitor; collectively called the TICK Stack.

Collect statistics about message delivery.

Telegrafis a plugin-driven server agent for collecting and reporting metrics. Telegraf has plugins orintegrationsto source a variety of metrics directly from the system its running on, to pull metrics from third party APIs, or even to listen for metrics via a StatsD and Kafka consumer services. It also has output plugins to send metrics to a variety of other datastores, services, and message queues, including InfluxDB, Graphite, OpenTSDB, Datadog, Librato, Kafka, MQTT, NSQ, and many others.

Monitor and track your RethinkDB metrics to manage performance.

The Open Source Time Series Platform provides services and functionality to accumulate, analyze, and act on time series data.

Collect data from remote Graylog service URLs.

Use the Dovecot stats protocol to collect and graph metrics on configured domains.

Monitor and track your postgresql metrics to manage performance.

Gather and graph metrics from this simple and lightweight messaging protocol ideal for IoT devices.

Collect and graph metrics on your running Docker containers.

Collect and graph statistics from specified NATS subjects.

Collect and graph your Lustre® file system.

The Prometheus plugin gathers metrics from any webpage exposing metrics with Prometheus format.

This open source core, or TICK stack, consists of the projectsTelegrafInfluxDBChronograf, andKapacitor.

Collect metrics from your Memcached in-memory key-value store.

Gathers statistics about your LeoFS Server cluster.

Gather real-time metrics from your Redis data structure store.

Collect and track all metrics from each of your Cassandra servers.

Collect and graph statistics from Amazon CloudWatch.

The Kafka plugin polls a specified Kafka topic and adds messages to InfluxDB.

Note:Clustering is onlyavailableinInfluxEnterpriseandInfluxCloudCompare Editions.

Gather phusion passenger stats to securely operate web apps, microservices & APIs with outstanding reliability, performance and control.

Gathers statistics from your RabbitMQ cluster.

Collect and graph statistics from your MySQL database to keep it performant.

The Riak plugin gathers metrics from one or more riak instances.

Collect and graph health check statistics that are reported by Consul.

Easily monitor and track key web server performance metrics from any running HAProxy instance.

Collect metrics from your MailChimp campaigns with InfluxData.

Monitor the status of the puppet server the success or failure of actual puppet runs on the end nodes themselves.

Track and graph your Aerospike node statistics as well as statistics for all of the configured namespaces.

Monitor and track web server performance with this Nginx plugin.

Collect and graph statistics from your MongoDB database to keep it performant.

Collect and act on a set of Mesos statistics and metrics that enable you to monitor resource usage and detect abnormal situations early.

Collect and graph performance metrics from the MON and OSD nodes in a Ceph storage cluster.

Chronografis the administrative user interface and visualization engine of the platform. It makes the monitoring and alerting for your infrastructure easy to setup and maintain. It is simple to use and includes templates and libraries to allow you to rapidly build dashboards with real-time visualizations of your data and to easily create alerting and automation rules.

Kapacitoris a native data processing engine. It can process both stream and batch data from InfluxDB. Kapacitor lets you plug in your own custom logic or user-defined functions to process alerts with dynamic thresholds, match metrics for patterns, compute statistical anomalies, and perform specific actions based on these alerts like dynamic load rebalancing. Kapacitor integrates with HipChat, OpsGenie, Alerta, Sensu, PagerDuty, Slack, and more.

Collect and graph your statistics from your CouchDB activity.

Knowing how well your webserver is handling your traffic helps you build great experiences for your users. Collect server statistics to maintain exceptional performance.

Use this plugin to gather health statistics of Elasticsearch clusters.

InfluxDBis aTime Series Databasebuilt from the ground up to handle high write & query loads. InfluxDB is a custom high performance datastore written specifically for timestamped data, including DevOps monitoring, application metrics, IoT sensor data, and real-time analytics. Conserve space on your machine by configuring InfluxDB to keep data for a defined length of time, and automatically expiring and deleting any unwanted data from the system. InfluxDB also offers a SQL-like query language for interacting with data.

Gather metrics about the running Kubernetes pods and containers for a single host.

Gather phpfpm statistics to track performance.

Collect and graph your statistics from your Couchbase activity.

TICK Stack

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