Trakopolis IoT Platform

– Experts in integration, Trakopolis can tie into any legacy applications like payroll, maintenance, accounting, etc. allowing for seamless integration into existing workflows.

Journey Management/Routing/Two-way Driver Communication

Trakopolis is a proven IoT platform that visualizes the location and performance of vehicles, equipment and people in real time, enhancing safety, reducing overheads and achieving operational excellence for industrial organizations with complex environments.

International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Reporting

– Data insights are generated to produce reports on hours of operation, kilometres traveled and specific engine performance metrics.

Trakopolis IoT Platform

– Go from data to visualization in minutes. Create personalized data-rich dashboards that deliver meaningful insights throughout your connected assets.

– Utilize datasets from GDM Pipelines for mapping oil and gas pipelines, wells, facilities, and rig roads or upload your own GIS data to be overlaid, so that you can visualize equipment and personnel in remote locations.

– Grade drivers on speed, excessive acceleration, braking or cornering, crash detection and idle time. Managing driving behaviour prevents incidents, reduces fuel consumption, and protects people and property.

– Refrigeration units can be tracked in real time, just like other vehicles and machinery assets. In addition, sensors can detect temperature ranges, triggering alerts.

– A dispatch centre can push new routes to drivers, analyzing feedback to create optimized routes for future use.

– Interpret data on ignition switches and vehicle run-times, use advanced geofencing to show time spent on site to generate accurate reports for invoicing and billing justification.

– Data can be augmented to produce usage reports, allowing for improved productivity.

– Calculate fuel usage virtually, or through a sensor connected to the on-board engine control module. Detailed, accurate fuel use reports allow carriers to comply with fuel tax regulations in multiple jurisdictions.

If your business operates in any industry where people and machinery are in motion, or where remote assets need to be maintained, or where regulatory requirements need to be met, or where personnel need to be kept safe Trakopolis has a solution.

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