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Cloud-based biometric attendance system for managing employees, their performance and training.

GorillasIVAR (Intelligent Video Analytics Recorder)is certified as the first IVA-based security software partner integrated withOpenVINOin Intel IoT Solutions Alliance. This collaboration enables Gorillas Edge devices to conduct one and a half times greater video feed real-time analytics without facilitating GPUs. Gorillas clients will dramatically benefit with lower deployment costs as more video channels can be analyzed on the same hardware.Learn More

Transform data into actionable, real-time insights with people, vehicle, and object identification verification capabilities and location-based analytics to create value and drive new opportunities.

Advanced video analytics, content management, and business intelligence solutions, enabling efficient management and utilization of rich-media content for the public and private sectors.

Gorilla Technology offers a range of solutions that combines video analytics and IoT technology to deliver business intelligence insights for improving performance in sales, operations and understanding of customer needs.

Manage multiple camera feeds and gain insights from real-time data and post-event analysis.

Analytics and in-store marketing help retailers convert customer traffic into profitable transactions.

Deliver intelligent video solutions with Cloud and Edge computing architectures for more reliable and efficient data processing, analysis and storage and reduced cost and latency.

Deploy solutions by integrating cloud and edge APIs with service providers and hardware makers to deliver value-added service applications used in industrial and commercial environments.

Streamline digital broadcast production workflows and content distribution to monetize assets.

Transform Your Business with

Gorilla Video IoT Platform provides innovative solutions across business verticals with AI-based technology that unlocks the value of video insights and IoT data.

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