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In contemporary Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) configurations, resources are distributed to users primarily through the assignment of Virtual Machines (VMs) to Physical Nodes (PMs). This resource allocation is typically done in a way that does not consider user preferences and is unaware of the underlying network layout. The latter…

Incomplete information has been studied in-depth in relational databases and knowledge representation. It is also an important issue in Semantic Web frameworks such as RDF, description logics, and OWL 2 especially given that all these systems rely on the Open World Assumption (OWA). Making the OWA means that the authors…

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White Papers// Dec 2012 // provided byUniversity of Asmara

A Privacy-Aware Access Control Model for Distributed Network Monitoring

A Novel Handover Decision Policy for Reducing Power Transmissions in the Two-Tier LTE Network

Despite the usefulness of network monitoring for the operation, maintenance, control and protection of communication networks, as well as law enforcement, network monitoring activities are surrounded by serious privacy implications. Their inherent leakage-proneness is harshened due to the increasing complexity of the monitoring procedures and infrastructures that may include multiple…

I Forgot Your Password: Randomness Attacks Against PHP Applications

In large companies such as Siemens and Statoil monitoring tasks are of great importance, e.g., Siemens does monitoring of turbines and Statoil of oil behavior in wells. This paper brings up importance of both streaming and historical (temporal) data in the Big Data challenge for industries. The authors present the…

Both economic reasons and interoperation requirements necessitate the deployment of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)-clouds based on share-nothing architecture. Here, live Virtual Machine (VM) migration becomes a major impediment to achieving cloud-wide load balancing via selective and timely VM migrations. The authors approach is based on copying virtual disk images…

White Papers// Jul 2014 // provided byUniversity of Asmara

The authors provide a number of practical techniques and algorithms for exploiting randomness vulnerabilities in PHP applications. They focus on the predictability of password reset tokens and demonstrate how an attacker can take over user accounts in a web application via predicting or algorithmically de-randomizing the PHP core randomness generators….

White Papers// May 2012 // provided byUniversity of Asmara

White Papers// Oct 2012 // provided byUniversity of Asmara

The optique european project aims at providing an end-to-end solution for scalable access to big data integration, where end users will formulate queries based on a familiar conceptualization of the underlying domain. From the users queries the optique platform will automatically generate appropriate queries over the underlying integrated data, optimize…

The rise in popularity of mobile applications creates a growing demand to deliver richer functionality to users executing on mobile devices with limited resources. The availability of cloud computing platforms has made available unlimited and scalable resource pools of computation and storage that can be used to enhance service quality…

White Papers// Apr 2013 // provided byUniversity of Asmara

Live migration is a versatile option when it comes to attain load-balancing in Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)-cloud architectures. Liveness, reliability and conformance to Service Level Agreements (SLAs) may all be achieved by moving a Virtual Machine (VM) that creates excessive work from its current Physical Machine (PM) to a…

Distributed Query Processing on the Cloud: the Optique Point of View

Time-Constrained Live VM Migration in Share-Nothing IaaS-Clouds

White Papers// Jun 2012 // provided byUniversity of Asmara

Femtocells are attracting a fast increasing interest nowadays, as a promising solution to improve indoor coverage, enhance system capacity, and lower transmit power. Technical challenges still remain, however, mainly including interference, security and mobility management, intercepting wide deployment and adoption from mobile operators and end users. This paper describes a…

Exploiting Network-Topology Awareness for VM Placement in IaaS Clouds

White Papers// Aug 2013 // provided byUniversity of Asmara

White Papers// Apr 2013 // provided byUniversity of Asmara

2019 IT Budget Research Report: IT spending increases due to business conditions, security, and revenue opportunities

MAPCloud: Mobile Applications on an Elastic and Scalable 2-Tier Cloud Architecture

Machine automation policy guidelines

White Papers// Jun 2012 // provided byUniversity of Asmara

White Papers// Sep 2013 // provided byUniversity of Asmara

Adaptive Live VM Migration in Share-Nothing IaaS-Clouds With LiveFS

Addressing Streaming and Historical Data in OBDA Systems: Optiques Approach

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