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It sounds like the city of dreams: Connected vehicles sending data about traffic and road conditions, allowing city managers to adjust lights and signs to improve flow, reroute cars to less congested roadsor reduce traffic in sections of the city to improve air quality.

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Custom solutions designed to meet the needs of an ever-changing customer network.

Purpose-built services and solutions for the public sector.

Read more for insights on the latest threats, or visit our blog for thoughts from our DBIR team.

Can you handle the volume, variety and velocity of IoT data?

Many of our larger clients face a daunting dilemma. On the one hand, they have never been under more pressure to be nimble as they face rapid transformation and disruption in their key markets.

Innovation starts with questions. We have answers.

Global wholesale provider of choice for data, internet and voice solutions.

As cities look to make technology investments, many leaders are left trying to determine how to finance needed upgrades to bring their cities into the future.

When you know the threats you face, you can better mitigate risk. The 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report gives you our intelligence about the biggest threats to your industry.

It isnt rocket science. Its smarter business.

Let experts give you key insights specific to your industry with infographics, videos and podcasts.

One of the cybercrime case studies in the Data Breach Digest involved pirates hacking into a global shipping companys content management system to access data that aided their plunder. Learn how to protect yourself.

As more people are moving to cities, traffic-related fatalities have risen. The National Safety Council estimates 40,100 traffic deaths occurred in the U.S. in 2017, with Rhode Island posting an 87% increase in traffic deaths from 2015-2017 and Kansas increasing 29% in that same timeframe.

From smart traffic solutions to connected lawn care, IoT is taking off. Discover the state of the IoT market.

Since 2011, when the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) first took up the topic of disclosure of cybersecurity risks and incidents by public companies, the cyber threat landscape has only grown more complex and daunting.

How many of your peers have adopted software defined networking? See how you stack up, and what your peers opinions are, in our new report.

There are a few companies that I trust with my identity information and personal data implicitly, even as a lifelong security guy. They simply give me so much value that I stay authenticated to their services at work, at home, in the car, and on mobile. On the other hand, there are many companies that I completely avoid because of the annoying and creepy methods they use to showcase how they are tracking me, my location and my behavior. After all, there is a fine line between digital stalking and consumer trust.

Enterprises are transforming their networks to leverage the capabilities of SDN (software-defined networks) and new technology advancements such as IoT (Internet of Things) and AI (artificial intelligence).

We have the expertise to help enterprises of all sizes take on their greatest challenges. Let us show you how our products and services can help achieve your goals.

Go beyond the buzz: get the latest security research from the authors of the Data Breach Investigations Report.

Get insights from the latest articles about nearly everything in business and technology. From security to mobility, the Internet of Things to software defined networking and from cloud to hybrid ITyou can stay in the know about it all.

Solutions to modernize federal agencies and empower workforces.

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Technology and network solutions designed for organizations with less than 500 employees.

Data Breach Digest scenario 8 focused on a critical infrastructure breach by a hacktivist. But its not just high-profile organizations that are at risk. Get our top tips for mitigating and responding to hacktivist attacks.

Get expert analysis that matters most to your business.

Discover what can make your business outlast the competition.

Cybersecurity is a critically important C-suite issue for the companies we meet. From the threat of a devastating attack to the possibility of a damaging customer privacy breach, the vast majority of boards we talk to now recognize the potentially existential danger of poor cybersecurity and resilience.

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We can also help you innovate with the Internet of Things and the cloud through our State of the Market reports.

How many of your peers have adopted software defined networking? See how you stack up, and what your peers opinions are, in our new report.

Dont let the fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) of deploying new virtualization services keep you from adding strategic value to your business.

Global leader in innovative communications and technology solutions and services.

Find out how you can accelerate your big data strategy and transform your business.

Read about one of the 2017 Data Breach Digest characters, Panda Monium. This scenario looks at what happened when one university was attacked by an Internet of Things (IoT) botnet barrage of 5,000 hosts.

Digital transformation has changed everything when it comes to the customer experience.

The popularity of cloud-based services is growing rapidly. Its predicted that by 2020, 92% of workloads will be processed by cloud data centers[i]. As more enterprises make the shift to managed network and cloud services, theyre using them to transform the way they do business.

Solutions and services for organizations with 500 or more employees.

Devices, plans and wireless services for organizations with less than 500 employees.

Explore critical trends, technology innovations and best practices today, so youre ready for wherever business goes tomorrow.

Enterprise Technology & Wireless Solutions

The immense benefits offered by cloud-based unified communications (UC) solutions are widely known. The business transformation made possible by migrating to a fully-featured solutions provider can help you connect your employees and customers, control operating costs, drive productivity and streamline your business processes.

Scenario 15 of the cybercrime case studies detailed how employees at one small company had access to their files held to ransom. Discover how you can avoid finding yourself in a Catch 22 situation.

Technologies, solutions, and services for enterprise and medium-sized businesses.

When you know the threats you face, you can better mitigate risk. The 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report gives you our intelligence about the biggest threats to your industry.

In this age of digital transformation and accelerated change, every business is under mounting pressure to embrace reinvention and focus on innovation. But what does that mean in practice?

Review in-depth research and best practices in our major reports to find out what industry leaders are doing. The Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) gives you insight into the cyber threats your business faces.

Organizations that admitted to sacrificing mobile security for business performance were more likely to have suffered data loss and/or downtime. Find out how you can avoid the trade-off.

Listen to a Verizon connected solutions expert talk about the state of the IoT market. See how technology drives a better customer experience. Get a quick take on the latest technology and business innovations from these channels.

Our 16 new cybercrime case studies provide insight into the biggest threats you faceplus tips on how to prevent them.

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