Verizon to deploy blockchain platform based on Guardtime technology

Verizon to deploy blockchain platform based on Guardtime technology

Quantum Computing, KSI and Flat-Earthers

Privacy and Integrity on the Internet of Things. If all you have is a PKI hammer

Six Reasons why Encryption isnt working

VOLTA a Compliance Product for GDPR

Guardtime and SICPA Announce Strategic Partnership for Enabling Trust in Public Services in a Digital Environment

Why Lets Encrypt Everything Misses the Point

Guardtime Recognized as the Leading Technology Company in Estonia

NIAP certification for Black Lantern anti-tamper hardware platform

Trust and Truth in the Public Cloud

Whitepaper: Cloud Insecurity and True Accountability

OPM Breach – Truth, Trust and Integrity

Innovative Approaches for Enhanced SATCOM Security

Lockheed Martin and Guardtime Federal Target Data Manipulation Cyber Threats

KSI and Third Party Verification (TPV) Services

The End of Lies: The Coming Blockchain Revolution

Intrinsic-ID and Guardtime Announce Alliance on IOT Blockchain

Verizon will leverage Guardtimes blockchain experience and technology, delivered as-a-service, to large, global organizations.

Securing the Physical Supply Chain: PUF Technology and KSI Blockchain

Google, Subrogation and Cloud Data Residency

Guardtime appoints Mari Kert-Saint Aubyn as Head of European Affairs

In Docker We Trust? Containerization, Security and Trust Models

SAP Combats Cyber Risk in Military Supply Chains with Blockchain

David Hamilton Appointed as President of Guardtime Federal

Cyber Conflict 2013, Government Accountability and The Insider Threat

Big Data and Privacy in the Digital Age: Matt Johnson @ TIA 2014

Aletheia awarded Chinese Government contract for a blockchain-based platform targeting copyright violation, fake news and online advertising fraud

Guardtime Announces KSI Blockchain Integration for Oracle 11g and 12c

Big Data Governance and Security for the Fortune 500

The Industrial Internet: Forensics, Attribution and Data Governance

Guardtime invited to 68th General Assembly of the United Nations

Estonian Ministry of Defence and Guardtime Support Cyber Defence Education

Ebay, Attribution and Digital Forensics

Guardtimes KSI Blockchain uses well-known security functions, including Secure Hash Algorithms, Hash Trees, and a distributed consensus protocol to establish an immutable audit trail for data movement within and between organizations. KSI Blockchain is different from other blockchain approaches in several ways:

Blockchain and Implications for Trust in Cybersecurity

Six Reasons Security Will Fail on the Industrial Internet

Guardtime at Defense Industry Expo Electronic Warfare & Military Cyber Live

Estonian  eHealth Authority Partners with Guardtime to Accelerate Transparency and Auditability in Health Care

Securing APIs and Operational Data Sources using KSI

Ericsson and Guardtime Partner to Create Secure Cloud and Big Data

Guardtimes Martin Ruubel to present at Wirtschaftstag 2018

Guardtime Awarded Contract for Next-Generation NATO Cyber Range

Guardtime wins Sovereign Blockchain Contract for Thai Government

Worlds first blockchain-supported Personal Care Record Platform launched by Guardtime and partners to up to 30 million NHS patients in the UK

KSI Blockchain to Secure Driverless Buses in Tallinn

Our answer to Peter Thiel: Start with Integrity

Blockchain Based Immutable Infrastructure

Guardtime Announces EPIC Systems Integration, Targets US Health Care Interoperability

Worlds First Blockchain Platform for Marine Insurance Now in Commercial Use

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Guardtime Awarded Best Government Emerging Technology at WGS 2017

Blockchain capabilities. Consumed as a service, Verizons enterprise and government customers will be able to integrate proven blockchain solutions into their existing business processes.

Lifetrack Medical Systems Upgrades its Digital Radiology Platform with Guardtimes KSI Blockchain Technology

Jamie Steiner at DIA Amsterdam on 11-12 May

Verizon to deploy blockchain platform based on Guardtime technology

Implementing Data Governance at Internet Scale

Block Chains, Time and Lorentzian Frames

What Bitcoin means for SWIFT: Technological Progress and Provable Security

Guardtime and Metaco launch SILO: the cryptocurrency asset management solution for financial institutions

A Blockchain Alternative to Certificate Pinning

Increasingly, our enterprise customers want to effectively leverage blockchain to meet the security demands from their customers. They are looking for proven, reliable solutions and Verizon is recognized as a market leader in managed security services. Combining our security expertise with Guardtimes blockchain platform offers customers an advanced solution.Alex Schlager, executive director security services,Verizon Enterprise Solutions

Guardtime delivers specialized Cyber Exercise for the UK Civil Nuclear Sector

Guardtime Signs a Strategic Alliance Agreement with EU Commission on Cybersecurity

Advertising, Regulatory Compliance and Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Ciscos Vision of Next Generation Cybersecurity

Secrecy the pattern of hashes does not betray the underlying business activity

Guardtime Announces New Development Center in Irvine, California, Doubles Engineering Staff

Hardening PKI to Address the IoT and Mobile Devices

Guardtime appoints Randy D. Bishop as General Manager for Energy Infrastructure

Integrity: The Number One Threat to Corporations

The Target Compromise: Trust and Verification in Cyberspace

Guardtime appoints Kaido Raiend as CISO

Matt Johnson to Present at PNAA Defense, Space & Security Conference

Dentsu ISID, SIVIRA and Guardtime Pilot Farm to Fork Supply Chain Tracking with Blockchain

Whitepaper: Virtualization and Attribution

C-RAN: Addressing Vulnerabilities with KSI-Enabled Cloud Forensics

Verizon to deploy blockchain platform based on Guardtime technology

Martin Ruubel to Give Keynote at TRUSTECH, the Largest Event Dedicated to Trust-Based Technologies

Privacy the data itself never leaves the enterprise

EY, Guardtime and Industry Participants Launch the Worlds First Marine Insurance Blockchain Platform

ZDNet: The Estonian cryptography startup that wants to be the Qualcomm of data security

Guardtime Federal Appoints Jeffrey Schrader as CFO

Attribution And Data Lakes: The Future of Big Data

Matt Johnson to present at the ETSI/IQC Quantum-Safe Crypto Workshop in Ottawa Canada on 6-7 October

Guardtime Appoints James Koo as President of Guardtime Singapore

Increasing Healthcare Security with Blockchain Technology

Verizons security practice has global scale and a deep understanding of customer security challenges. Our customers now get proven managed security services to manage our blockchain technology stack.

Freedom Online Coalition Dinner Hosted by President Toomas Hendrik Ilves in Tallinn

Guardtime And Authentise Form Strategic Partnership For 3D Printing IP & Supply Chain Assurance Services

Guardtime, EDF and Industry Partners Sign Agreement for €26 Million Project Targeting Smart Energy Transmission Grid

Scalability The rate of growth – and speed of response – of the Blockchain is unchanged, regardless of the volume of business

AssureNet and Guardtime Implement Blockchain based Connected Car Liability Management

Privacy, Integrity and Big Data Rules

Crypto-custody platforms: 8 must haves for institutional investors

Guardtime Launches Industrys First API Integrity Platform

NMC Health Partners with UAE-based Telecom du for a pilot to deploy Guardtimes KSI Blockchain

Blockchain-Enabled Cloud: Estonian Government selects Ericsson, Apcera and Guardtime

BlockCloud: Re-inventing Cloud with Blockchains

The Verizon blockchain platform services will focus on privacy, portability and scalability adding proven managed security services on top of leading technology from Guardtime. Typically, blockchain technologies require customer data be copied into a blockchain, but with Verizons solution that data wont leave the customer premises. Additionally, Verizons solution will work seamlessly around the globe. The service will also scale easily and predictably, regardless of the overall volume of data being monitored.

Guardtime and CYCL Announce Strategic Partnership for Blockchain-based Content Management Solutions

U.S. Department of Energy Contracts Guardtime, Siemens and Industry Partners for Blockchain Cybersecurity Solution

Matt Johnsons Keynote at Asia Cyber Liability Conference in Singapore

Blockchain Security Implications for the Industrial Internet

The 9th CyCon Starts in Tallinn, Estonia

Guardtime and Intrinsic ID Awarded Dutch Government Contract for Distributed Energy Marketplace

Lockheed Martin Contracts Guardtime Federal for Innovative Cyber Technology

GE and Ericsson launch KSI Blockchain based Cloud Assurance for the Industrial Internet

Guardtime signs a global pledge to fight cyber attacks

Target: A Confidentiality or Integrity Breach ?

Cyber Security: A 3 Trillion Dollar Problem for Governments & Global Corporations

Guardtime Appoints Tony Kenyon as CTO EMEA

Q: What do HSBC and Anthem have in Common?

Guardtimes Glen Ogden to present at BioNJ 2018

Ericsson introduces industrialized data-centric security

Native Forensics, Integrity Instrumentation and Breach Management

Guardtime appoints Luc Dandurand as Head of Cyber Operations

Addressing CIO Concerns Over the Public Cloud

In the ever-evolving security landscape, large enterprises and government agencies are constantly seeking new ways to maintain the integrity of critical infrastructure, protect physical and digital supply chains, and safeguard customers essential information systems. Understanding this, Verizon Enterprise Solutions later this year will launch a portfolio of blockchain platform services based on Guardtimes KSI

Guardtime Announces BLT, New Blockchain Standard for Digital Identity

Guardtime Federal and Galois Awarded DARPA Contract to Formally Verify Blockchain-Based Integrity Monitoring System

Blockchain IdAM: Guardtime Awarded Development Grant by EU

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