Watson IoT

Watson IoT

Three emerging trends in the energy and utilities industry and actions you can take to outthink disruption.

IBM IoT for Energy and Utilities on Cloud is an open analytics solution that helps improve asset maintenance utilization.

Combines IBM Asset Management and intelligent analytics to create a smarter energy grid for Finland.

Understand what your assets are saying

Leverages IoT sensor data and external sources like weather to see patterns, predict and prevent outages

See how the solution helps reduce risk and enables you to deliver safe, affordable and sustainable energy to your customers.

Power your digital transformation with engineering solutions to deliver new products, enhance quality and improve customer service.

Understand what your assets are saying and what is required to operate at peak performance using IoT for preventive maintenance

While Maximo meets the requirement for many utilities, IBM also offers two other industry solutions: Maximo for Utilities and Maximo for Nuclear Power.

Saves $1M through water conservation by improving services and information sharing among county municipalities.

Learn how IoT can help you manage your assets

Are you optimizing your energy and utility assets?

An open analytics solution for energy and utility companies that offers applications and capabilities to help improve asset maintenance and utilization.

Make use of a secure, requirements driven, software development life cycle, ensuring safety and security compliance, and solid documentation for filing certification.

Whether you need to reduce downtime, improve product quality, or streamline asset maintenance, we have the solution for you.

Energy and utility companies  rely on data to make the right decisions that ensure assets are replaced, maintained and perform at their optimal level. With an IBM® Watson IoT™ solution, you gain insights based on artificial intelligence, data from existing sources and predictive analytics.

Gain insights from IoT to extend the useful life of equipment and assets. Improve labor utilization, reduce inventory and find optimum balance between maintenance and operations.

Significantly enhance your organizations operational effectiveness with IBM IoT for Utilities, Energy and Environment solutions.

Predictive analytics that help make sense of data deluge and engages citizens to collaborate across water operations.

With energy security threats like Stuxnet and Crash Override in the wild, utilities must strengthen their security postures as they transition to smart grids.

Provides visibility and control for all assets in water, gas and electric utilities.

Machines and equipment produce massive amounts of data

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