Websites in GTA V

– Air charter, used to browse and purchase aircraft.

– A secret section of the internet used for illegal activities such as drug dealing and weapon smuggling.

– A social network where you can meet women. The membership costs $500 for men and is free for women.

(Twitter) – Social networking and microblogging site.

– The official website of the internationally best selling book series namedChains of Intimacy.

(NYSE)- TheLiberty City National Exchangewebsite, where the player can invest in stocks with various companies. It is the only stock exchange website available offline.

Not counting theDark Net(which is not a single website but an unknown number of different websites) there are 83 distinct websites in the game.

– The official website ofAmmu-Nation.

) – The official website ofFruit Computers.

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– Official site of theMerryweatherprivate security company.

This is a list of in-gamewebsitesaccessible on the Internet inGrand Theft Auto V. These are not real websites but most of the domains are owned byRockstar Games.

The following links should not lead to the actual websites, but Wikia articles on that topic. The sites in parentheses represent the real-world inspiration for each website.

– A website selling drugs under the guise of toilet cleaning products.

Characters in GTA Liberty City Stories

– The website of theAltruists, written entirely in morse code.

(Yahoo!Google) – Web portal, search engine and related services. (

– (scientology) The official website for theEpsilon Program.

– A website where you can buy variouspropertiessuch asClubhousesBunkersHangars, andFacilities. (GTA Online only).

Missions in GTA Liberty City Stories

Bank of America) – The official website of theBank of Liberty.

– The official website ofKung Fu Rainbow Lazerforce

– The official website of The Reality Mill, producers of famous TV shows likeFame or ShameImplant OutsourceandRehab Island.

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– The official website ofEgo Chaser energy bars

– A website exposing the different cults in in San Andreas area.

Characters in GTA Vice City Stories

– Official site of theHammerstein & Faustlaw firm.

– The official website for theTaco Bombrestaurants.

– the official websites ofSue Murry.

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

– A website where you can buy the moddable vehicles for theBennys Original Motor Worksgarage. (GTA Online only).

FeaturesFeatures in GTA VWebsitesWebsites in GTA V

– A website where you can buy boats.

– The official website ofPrincess Robot Bubblegum

– Video GameRighteous Slaughter 7s official website, featuring a trailer for the game.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

– A website which allows you to create movie scenarios easily.

– A Children Of The Mountain Cult website where you can take a test on what you really are. Used to get the password to continue with the next stage of the test in

– a website for promoting nontraditional families, and outlawing nuclear ones

– The official website of the pow cleanse diet.

– A site which has a banner about the Blood on the Rocks mystery.

(IMDB) – A list of good oldVinewoodmovies.

Vehicles in GTA Liberty City Stories

– The official website of theSwallowclothing company.

(MONSTER, Rockstar Energy, Red Bull)- The official website of Junk, the well-known energy drink.

website for the car customization shops

– Another website where you can buy cars.

(Facebook) – Online social networking service.

– website for a organic food market

– pyramid scheme site created byBill Binder.

(NASDAQ) – TheBAWSAQstock exchange website, where the player can invest in stocks with various companies.

– The official website ofBull Shark Testosterone.

Weapons in GTA Liberty City Stories

– implants and plastic surgery for men

– website for San Andreas water and power department

– A website where you can trade anything for cash.

– A website where you can buy military vehicles.

– website for the Children Of The Mountain Cult, Franklin can unlock a t-shirt here after paying multiple times and passing a multiple stage test.

– The official website for Dr. Friedlander

– A website where you can book extreme adventures.

– website for Los Santos Freegans, people who reuse other people trash

– a website for the TV show Fame or Shame

– A website where you can obtain a very advanced diploma within minutes.

– a website selling electric drug pipes.

– A website where you can buy cars.

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– A website where you can consult a fortuneteller.

Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City

– The official website of theMaze Bank.

– A website that sells professional party guests for your next social event.

– The official website ofToe Shoes.

(Visa, Capital One/TD Bank)- The official website of theFleeca Bank.

– ActorJack Howitzers official website.

– A website for teenagers to learn what to do or not on the internet.

– A website where you apply to be a drug mule.

– The official website ofLenny Avery, real estate broker since1993. Used in missionExtra Commissionto get GPS coordinates to the destroyable signs.

– A website which generates weird names for your future children.

– A website promoting hatred of alcohol.

You may be looking forWebsites in GTA IV.

– the official website of theSan AndreasDMV.

– the official websites ofJock Cranley.

– A website where you can buyOfficesandOffice Garages. (GTA Online only).

– The official website ofRepublican Space Rangers

A website offering debt consolidation

(Century 21) – Real estate website, used to browse and purchaseapartments.

Websites in GTA V

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