Which is the best platform for IOT? – Quora

Which is the best platform for IOT? - Quora

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Some look at IoT as a data and analytics problem. Some look at IoT as a new category of applications. Depending on which view, your answer will be different.

What are some great platforms for IoT?

IoT is a wide topic and one size doesnt fit all. However, I would definitely recommend to evaluateThingsboard.It is an open-source solution for data collection, processing, visualization, and device management. You can deploy it in the cloud or on-premises.

Internet of Things or IoT as we know it is rapidly growing in popularity. People are starting to understand the potential and significance of this new-flanged technology and there has been a tremendous rise in the demand of IoT services. This increasing demand has urged many startups and tech giants to come forth with all sorts of IoT solutions. The list includes some prominent names like IBM, Infosys, Wipro, Microsoft and Cisco.

Rich set of functionality to control your devices

Its an Open Source IoT Platform based on ASP MVC built completely on top of Microsoft technologies

, Founder – IoT-NCRBusiness Lead – IoT IoT Columnists

As one of Thingsboard authors, I can say that main project ideas are:

Which tech companies are currently offering the best IoT platforms?

First perspective: collecting and analyzing data

If you consider the second perspective, i.e. how do I built a new type of responsive, real-time applications that work with things (not just people), and build it fast, efficient and scalable, you should check out TQL:Atomiton

What are the best IoT Platform as a service solutions?

There are detailed documentation here:What is TQL? – TQL Docs – Atomiton SpacesNote that TQL is a fundamentally new technology for IoT.

Visit here for the full article :A Brief Introduction To Azure IoT Platform

, People Counting, Heat Mapping, Peak Period & Footfall, Report Builder

It provides allfunctionalities needed to quickly navigate data-to-application integration without requiring years of IoT expertise, thus enabling remote monitoring, control and automation, and comprehensive process data analytics based on the real-time performance. Since it is hardware agnostic, it can be easily integrated with a broad variety of sensors, controllers, industrial PCs and device gateways, allowing interoperability between them.

Which is the best IoT platform for beginners as well as professionals?

What are the main blocks of an IoT platform?

What is IoT platform and framework?

The report aims to provide an overview of global IoT cloud platform market with detailed market segmentation by Deployment Models, platform, application and geography. The global IoT cloud platform market is expected to witness high growth during the forecast period.

Most of these platforms that you can access are PaaS based – that is, they host the software, you connect to it, and your data goes into/through it. One of them is different, which is the previous mentioned TQL:TQLStudio. Even though there is a PaaS based IDE, they allow you to download the software to your own environment to run (your desktop, Raspberry Pi, etc.), which makes many more things possible.

Inventory management and Enroll, Track, Manage

The platform is available under Apache 2.0 License so you can use it in both personal and commercial usage.

Second perspective: building a different kind of applications

Horizontal scalability and fault-tolerance in cluster mode.

Getting started with WolkAbout IoT Platform is free.WolkAbout Demois the newest instance of WolkAbout IoT Platform which enables makers, ranging from DIY amateurs to big companies, to connectup to three devicesand to start testing and prototyping connected solutions in a matter of hours, without buying or maintaining any infrastructure or investing too many resources. Users are able to continuously and rapidly experiment so that they can turn new ideas into value-driving IoT applications.

It depends on what you are looking for – there are many platforms for IoT which serves various purposes. Platform for managing all the IoT devices such as sensors, actuators, embedded modules, etc. Then there will be connectivity or subscription management platform for managing GSM or cellular connectivity for remotely placed devices. Lastly there should also be application enablement platforms for creating and supporting standard plugins for end user application development.

What are some great platforms for IoT?

The global network connectivity, affordable compute power combined with ironic insights make IoT valuable for enterprises and consumers. The conjunction of devices, cloud, and analytics is creating an opportunity for independent software vendors and system integrators. The Cloud Service in IoT is a safe and scalable platform that help organizations build and deploy IoT applications and abundantly capture and analyze their IoT data.

Which is the best IoT platform for beginners as well as professionals?

Simple yet powerful API for device connectivity: MQTT, CoAP, HTTP, Sigfox, OPC-UA and more.

For example, if you focus collecting, managing data and do analysis, Microsoft Azure is a good one.Microsoft Azure: Cloud Computing Platform & Services

This unified IoT platform gathers data at a single place, which is then monitored, analysed and turned to intelligent actionable insights for better decision making. These insights help businesses bring in more efficiency to their operational setup, improve customer experience, strengthen security, and create an ideal business environment.

Which cloud platform is best for IOT?

There are some other traditional companies who aligned themselves in this category, such as IBM (Watson,Watson Internet of Things Platform) and GE (Predix,Predix). However, most of then are very hard for developers to set their hands on.

What are the main blocks of an IoT platform?

WolkAbout IoT Platformunderstands M2M data flow process and serves as a core of modern industrial systems by integrating any device, with any protocol, over any network, and bytransforming real-time readings into meaningful data and combining different devices and services into a complete IoT solution.

What is the best platform to learn in the IoT platform?

How do you think an IoT platform should consist of?

Which cloud platform is best for IOT?

• who would like to retain ownership of the entire technological stack they build

Are there any guide to build our own IOT platform?

Centralised Alarm Center, Video Platform Integration

It is entirely independent of the third-party cloud services. Customers can deploy it wherever they want – in the private or public cloud, or even on their premises. They are able to do full white labeling, and they are the sole owners of their data.

Sample live dashboard for thesmart farminguse case:

WolkAbout IoT Platformis proven in solving business challenges acrossverticals; it handles any scale of IoT implementation, from IoT Prototyping to Industrial Automation. By using the Platform, companies are able to build flexible and interoperable solutions that can scale to meet exponential device growth, with an ability to manage cost (they can choose betweenthree pricing models).

If you want to explore the functionalities ofWolkAbout IoT Platform, please feel free to create your free accounthere.

Interpret a Competitive outlook Analysis Report with FREE PDF sample:

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Network Coverage Testing, SIM Management, Network Aggregation, Secure VPN Network

WolkAbout IoT PlatformprovidesAPI abstractions and functions, as well as open source librariesto help engineers and makers connect their hardware devices and create their custom apps. The Platform comes with free UIs for its users: WolkAbout IoT Tool. It is a set ofweband native mobile applications (iOSandAndroid) which give users the ability to manage and monitor their ecosystem through simple clicks and drag & drops while ensuring the systems operability in real time.

What are the best IoT Platform as a service solutions?

Multi Tenancy, Location Based Access, Hierarchy Based Access

Rules Management, Scheduler, Capture Triggers, Visual Verification, Escalation Management

– the foundation for any IoT application, both regarding connecting things to the Internet and delivering the backing application logic for value-added services.

Which tech companies are currently offering the best IoT platforms?

ThingWorx (now acquired by PTC,ThingWorx ThingWorx) is also a platform focused on application development. However it is harder for a developer to get his hands on it.

There could also be learning and development platforms such as IoT communities, meetups, etc. One of the brilliant one and fastest growing meetup community isIOT-NCR

Are there any guide to build our own IOT platform?

• Move the Endpoints from location to another

What is IoT platform and framework?

Remote Support Tools, TR069 Capability, Sensor management, Integration Capability of OEM APIs

GizmoSmartoffers the bestIoT Platformwith various Feature Set.

WolkAbout IoT Platformis horizontally scalable; it is designed to manage a vast number of devices, projects, and tons of data. There is a linear dependency between the system performance and the number of nodes, meaning that as buyers add nodes, the performance increases proportionally.

What is the best platform to learn in the IoT platform?

What are the best IoT platform I could use for my connected products?

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• Monitor and Control a distributed endpoints across multiple geolocations

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