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Whether youre looking for insights on how your product is being consumed, the status of your equipment,or the location and status of your assets, Symphony Link is scalable enough

Can you identify how quickly your products are being consumed? Whether youre supplying lubricants or carbon dioxide, with Symphony Links enterprise IoT system, you can increase visibility into consumption patterns, reduce the cost of doing business, and prevent competitors from threatening your market share.

In industrial IoT (IIoT), reliability mattersand Symphony Link is built with this in mind. Find out why many manufacturers are moving away from generic monitoring networks and turning to Symphony Link to gather data wirelessly to drive improved predictive maintenance and reduce costs.

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The State Of Asset-Tracking Hardware: 2018-2020An Overview of Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT)SigFox Vs. LoRa: A Comparison Between Technologies & Business ModelsGet the latest IoT news and insights in your inbox.

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Symphony Link is a revolutionary low power, wide-area network (LPWAN)for solutions that require enterprise-grade cloud connectivity.

BLE is an effective, low-cost alternative to WiFi and cellular for managing BLE peripherals. When BLE and Symphony Link combine, the result is a robust sensor network for wide-area industrial applications, including real-time location system (RTLS) asset tracking.

to manage a new class of wirelessly connected devices.

If youre looking to deploy your asset tracking solution without a significant investment in infrastructure and want to avoid a complex IT integration, Symphony Link is an ideal fit. Discover how companies rely on Symphony Link for tracking applications in RFID, airport management, shipping and warehousing, agriculture, and more.

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