With cloud IoT platform AWS hopes to leap stubborn barriers

While on-premises BPM tools have caused a tug of war between lines of business and IT, the cloud helps appease both sides. Heres…

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When you look at who is doing IoT, theyre not IoT people and theyre not developers, Gillett said. At the end of the day, you have a product manager and a business strategy owner who have to figure out how theyre going to change products. Theyre looking for a solution they can understand, work with and grow with.

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Kehoe said he has no qualms with AWS cloud IoT platform, though he said he wants better visibility to manage and track IoT deployments that integrate Amazon cloud services across many different accounts and the way in which permissions are given.

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Once you already have a default [cloud provider], it takes quite a bit to move you off that default, particularly at the fast pace that these companies and this market changes, Gillett said.

What are your IoT adoption barriers?

The Jenkins environment variables list outlines the various properties that developers can inject into advanced Jenkins shell …

Compare dedicated cloud connections from AWS, Azure and GCP

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To determine whether a PaaS provider will meet their needs, buyers should look closely at what the vendor offers for development …

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With cloud IoT platform, AWS hopes to leap stubborn barriers

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Data continues to grow at an exponential rate, especially within enterprises that exploit internet-of-things…

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sensors and edge computing. AWS has amped up its IoT efforts, as it hopes to enter this lucrative market.

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[Amazon] has been pushing hard, said Frank Gillett, IoT analyst at Forrester, here at last weeks MIT Enterprise Forums Connected Things conference. What we hear from system integrators and developers is that theres a lot of interest and comfort with AWS.

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APythonshop, iRobot has embedded code in its products for years and likely avoided the learning barrier most companies will face with IoT integration. We know how to put code on devices, how to update that code [and] how to secure it, Kehoe said. We can do all those things ourselves and have mature processes for them.

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AWS has steadily increased its presence in the internet of things (IoT) since itacquired startup 2lemetryin 2015. Six IoT-focused services unveiled at re:Invent 2017 demonstrate its attention to edge computing. And in early April, several AWS features released to general availability atthe AWS Summitin San Francisco apply to IoT workloads and augment AWS cloud IoT platform.

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Cloud-based applications pose tough integration challenges

Gillett said he thinks AWS could fill that application gap either through acquisition or development. But he does hear more energy and momentum around AWS than theAzure IoT Suite. Despite somerecent IoT investmentsand leadership changes, the Google Cloud IoT platform is an even more distant competitor, he said. But, as with other cloud technologies, inertia factors into the decision.

One of those examples, AWS Greengrass ML Inference, lets IT teams run machine learning workloads on local connected devices. Machine learning and AI seem poised to converge with IoT workloads to filter out which data to collect and which to discard — and AWS hopes to capitalize.

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For IT shops that lack such IoT expertise, AWS aims to lower the barrier to adoption with its cloud IoT platform and Greengrass software. Greengrassenables limited compute on edge devices, but not all enterprises have the personnel in place to realize its potential.

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VMware cloud services tidy up AWS migration path

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Thats been a great enabler for us, both AWS in particular and serverless technology in general, said Ben Kehoe, cloud robotics research scientist at iRobot. Were not burdened with maintaining servers, and were not tasked with the scalability of the platform were running on. All of that is coming from the cloud provider.

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What are your IoT adoption barriers?

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Amazon FreeRTOS aims to simplify, secure IoT deployment

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During the last six months, AWS has demonstrated a commitment to IoT technology. But while it has a prominent place in the cloud IoT market, the technology doesnt fit all needs.

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With cloud IoT platform AWS hopes to leap stubborn barriers

Applications, instead of platforms, would help these customers who otherwise rely on consultants and systems integrators to deploy IoT, Gillett said. Theres a build-buy question that a lot of people are going to struggle with, he said.

IRobot, a consumer robotics company based in Bedford, Mass., runs production applications for its connected robots on AWS. IRobot relies on roughly 30 cloud services, such as AWS IoT Core and AWS Lambda, in an entirely serverless deployment, to lower operational overhead and focus on hardware and software development.

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Kehoe said he is particularly interested in two AWS features: Lambdas support forSimple Queue Serviceas an event trigger and AWS Private Certificate Authority, which can help IoT teams manage private certificates.

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Meanwhile, manufacturers and other industrial IoT buyers are more likely to turn to vendors who tailor offerings to that market, such as GE, Siemens and Schneider Electric.

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