10 best IOT Software Platforms

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Evrything is an interesting prospect among IOT platforms. It offers unique digital identity, APIs, secured access and keeping devices online all the time. Striking features including Organizing devices with tags, Short URL for every object, Data exchange with CRMs and ERPs, Digital Identifiers and web control of devices connected. This in a nutshell can be defined as an end to end platform that provides everything you need to make your product smart and reliable.

AllJoyn initially  developed by Qualcomm innovation center and later turns out to be an open source project. It provides smart connectivity of devices which can communicate and share data between themselves and to connected users in that network. It supports a variety of operating systems and also optimized for mobile usage which makes it suitable for cross platforms.

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This list was written after taking inputs from expert opinions using polls, forum discussions and other mediums. So this list reflects the choice of many Designers and programmer who had their hands into IOT real-time. Hope this list will guide you to choose the right platform for your IOT applications. Note that this article is not in any order, below listed are some of the best IOT software platforms you can use.

AWS was a cloud based solution for IOT from the famous web giant Amazon. Amazon offers plenty of rich tools and resources for development, analytics , Security, Application building and lots more. AWS also allows user to build lightweight, high performance websites and applications that meets the requirements of users. Many popular Internet based business are already powered by Amazon AWS services.

SensorCloud is an attractive platform where you will integrated Big data analytics and a MathEngine for powerful analysis of obtained data. Unique alert systems that uses SMS/Email as a medium for alerting users 24/7 when an event is encountered. It also provides unlimited data storage with all the data transactions are encrypted with nil security issues.

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Microsoft Azure offers cloud based solutions for IOT. This enable users to capture and analyze data fetched from the devices connected. Azure suite helps user to automate working of their device by making use of data fetched from your business. Pre-configured solutions and organized dashboard makes this a good choice for industries and business owners.

Brillo is an Embedded OS specially made for IOT applications with core services, developer kit and developer console . This gives user an edge to develop their prototypes and make them into production with ease. Brillo is supported across ARM, Intel X86 and MIPS based architecture.  With Weave, a special communication standard Google promises user to experience a rich experience in connecting devices and fetching the data.

IBM launched IOT foundation along with IBM Bluemix platform to provide a scalable solution for Internet connected devices. Building of Analytics applications, visualisation Dashboards and even creating mobile IOT apps have been made easy with rich development tools from IBM. Web-based UI also can be used to fetch the data from the devices connected to your network with high security and extensive connectivity.

OpenHab is a vendor neutral software that can be used for integrating and automating devices. OpenHab provides APIs for integration into other systems and hence easily extensible with new systems and devices. It has been tested and run on platforms such as Raspberry Pi, Beagle Bone black, UDOO and Cubietruck. Rules of this software is written in Java like language.

Exosite offers an end to end software platform that enable users to build and use IOT applications on their own. Web-based APIs , Real time visual analytics and built-in light framework makes it a good choice for building your business on IOT. Plenty of Development Kits are available which gives the freedom of development and customization to the end-user.

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Hope you like this list of some of the best IOT software platforms. Please do remember that there is plenty of platforms available and i have only listed handful based on the opinions from the experts and users. So make some research before opting a platform and also do not hesitate to try out other platforms as well.

ThingWorx provides rapid connectivity for machines and also provides end to end application for control and data extraction. ThingWorx enables users to build mobile interfaces with nil coding knowledge thus making it to be used by anyone. Real Time dashboards, collaborative workspaces, event-driven execution engine, 3 dimensional storage are other highlighting features of this IOT platform.

IOT comprises of two components Hardware and Software where these components supports each other to build a highly adaptive IOT devices. Better the Hardware and Software platforms used better the user experience will be. Previously i have published an article based on10 best IOT hardware platformsIn Sequel to that we are going to see the list of 10 best IOT software platforms in this article.

10 best IOT Software Platforms

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