Intel® IoT Platform

Intel® IoT Platform

The Intel IoT Platform identifies the key components of an IoT solution, how they work together, and where essential capabilitiessuch as security and analyticshappen.

Capture, filter, process, and store data; connect securely to legacy infrastructure; and perform analytics at the edge.

2016-17 IT Annual Performance Report IT Innovation

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Provide actionable information and create new services, while automating operations.

The Intel Vision for Autonomous Driving

An IoT Retail Solution from Intel and SAP

Process, store, and analyze data globally; perform complex analytics on large datasets; secure and manage millions of endpoints; and manage policies, metadata, and networks.

Better Air Quality Monitoring: Solution Brief

Intel® Xeon® Processors Accelerate SAS Analytics

Intel CIO Paula Tolliver discusses her plans to accelerate the pace of business through IT innovation.

Getting CoSPs Ready for 5G Services

Intel and WindRiver help Parkeon retrofit existing parking meters into smart kiosks connected to the cloud.

Sense, filter, process, analyze, and actuate, while securing and managing machines and data.

Rapidly move to prototyping, piloting, and productizing with developer kits, tools, and SDKs.

Accelerating the Pace of Business: IT Innovation

Secure hardware, software, and data, as well as device and policy management. Detect threats and safeguard scalable compute.

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Data In, Value Out: Through Advanced Analytics

Supports onboarding, monitoring, diagnostics, and remote control of devices.

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Automate shipment tracking and increase visibility as freight moves through the supply chain. (v.1, May, 2017)

The Intel® IoT Platform includes end-to-end reference architectures model and family of products from Intel and its ecosystem that works with third-party solutions to provide a foundation for seamlessly and securely connecting devices, delivering trusted data to the cloud, and delivering value through analytics.

Connect the digital and physical sides of the city to improve livability, enhance public safety, and more.

Rice Electronics Connected Worker: Brief

See what can happen when you open up to new things like Intels driverless experience.

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