Cisco introduces IoT systems

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Cisco has organized its Internet of Things portfolio into IoT systems to lessen confusion among customers.

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IoT devices (internet of things devices)

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IoT technologyand services revenue will rise from $4.8 trillion in 2012 to $7.3 trillion by 2017, according to IDC. The hottest markets for IoT products will be in consumer devices, discrete manufacturing and government. Cisco competes in the market with Dell, Hewlett-Packard and IBM.

IoT devices (internet of things devices)

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It sounds like they recognized a growing problem where their customers realized the benefits that could be gained by employing IoT but were unsure as to how to best proceed, and are starting to address it head-on. What exactly is involved in the application management platform?

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This week, the company also announced 15 infrastructure products organizations can combine to create networks that carry data from machinery on the factory floor or a transportation system to applications in the data center. Such anInternet of Things(IoT) system, for example, could be used to both manage and maintain equipment.

Synthetic sensors simplify IoT development

The categories, which Cisco calls pillars, include network connectivity,fog computing, security, data analytics, management and automation, and an application enablement platform. In general, bringing organization to a product portfolio expected to get even larger in time is beneficial for Cisco customers and partners, Turner said.

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Toease the confusion, Cisco has created specific categories that cover a fair bit of the ground that enables customers to get an IoT application up and running, Turner said.

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Cisco definitely needed the product reorg, given how it is targeting IoT as a major revenue generator. I do not know much about the application management platform, but its something I will follow closely.

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Howthe IoTswill change manufacturing

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Taking IoT to the Edge With the Analytics of Things

Cisco introduced software called the IoT Field Network Director and the Fog Director. The former manages endpoints and routers on trains and transportation fleets, while the latter manages fog applications across Ciscos portfolio. Fog refers to a distributed computing infrastructure in which some data processing is done in a smart device at the edge of the network, while the rest is handled in a remote data center.

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How to prepare for theInternet of Things

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Its a good thing for everybody in Ciscos ecosystem, he said. The companies most likely to useCisco IoT gearinclude manufacturers, retailers and government.

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Dig Deeper on Internet of Things (IoT) Hardware

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The new products Cisco announced didnt add any major changes to the companys portfolio. I didnt see anything that was stunningly different than what Cisco has today, Turner said.

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Synthetic sensors simplify IoT development

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Other hardware included the Industrial Wireless (IW) 3702 access point. The heavily ruggedized device is built for transportation, mining and outdoors applications, according to Cisco.

In general, the IoT refers to scenarios in which data is gathered from Internet protocol (IP)-connected physical objects equipped with sensors. Once analyzed, this information can help people make decisions or trigger other systems to take action. For example, IoT data could help companies track wear and tear on factory floor parts so they could be replaced before a breakdown.

IoT gateways point way forward for manufacturers

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Hardware releases included the Industrial Ethernet (IE) 50000 switch designed for manufacturing, energy and government applications. The device has more bandwidth andPower of Ethernet Plus(PoE Plus) ports than similar IoT switches from Cisco. It is also certified for utility and manufacturing use.

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Cisco launches IoT System for enterprise and smart …

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Cisco has organized its Internet of Things portfolio into six categories that are expected to bring order to a…

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Ciscosportfolio of IoT gearand software is so extensive that customers and resellers have had difficulty choosing products. Their customers are starting to go back to them and saying, What do I need to build an IoT system? IDC analyst Vernon Turner said.

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confusing assortment of hardware and software.

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Cisco introduces IoT systems

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