GE WiFi Connect

Command your laundry and your kitchen with the sound of your voice using these convenient assistants and our WiFi connected appliances.

Need help getting connected?Check out our WiFi Connect setup and troubleshooting guides.

Keep your appliances protected and running their best with maintenance alerts. Plus, youll get automatic software updates with the latest features and advanced diagnostics to make your life easier.

Get the answers you need about setting up WiFi appliances and connecting to your home network in our support articles.

Use Amazon Dash Replenishment to automatically order fabric softener

Use your voice and Geneva to preheat the oven

Manage your meals with ease from finding recipes to finishing touches when you link these apps with our WiFi connected kitchen appliances.

Use your appliances in a smarter way. Schedule hot water for coffee with your Keurig Kcup brewing system, or preheat your oven using voice control and Geneva. Use the extend tumble feature on the Laundry app to keep your clothes wrinklefree.

Our WiFi integrations can help you simplify your life even more

Keep your home secure and running efficiently when you combine these helpful apps with our WiFi connected appliances.

Every day is different. WiFi Connect appliances deliver real, everyday convenience for real, everyday moments. Stay informed about what your appliances are doing wherever you are.

Schedule hot water for your morning cup of coffee from your fridge

All connected appliance data is held in strict accordance with theGE Appliances Connected Data Privacy Policy.

Get notifications when your filter needs changing

GE Appliances has integrated with other leaders in the world of WiFi connected devices. These integrations can help you adjust your recipes for extra guests or order laundry detergent automatically so you never run out.

Feel at ease when you leave the house. Did you leave the refrigerator door open or did your dishwasher spring a leak? Well send you an alert notification. Did you leave the oven on? Use the Kitchen app to turn it off. Connect with your Nest app and well let you know if your oven is on when youve left the house.

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