The Covisint Platform

Are you ready to seize this opportunity? Will you disrupt markets? Or, will you get disrupted?

developer resources to get started quickly and access available platform APIs, code samples, with the ability to publish 3rd-party APIs.

Satisfy cloud datacenter isolation data privacy, proximity, and geographic regulatory requirements.

Seamlessly integrate enterprise data

Enterprise adapters to ingest and publish data from/to third-party data stores and enterprise systems.

Quickly build, scale and customize secure IoT and Identity ecosystem solutions.

Aggregate, synchronize, inspect and analyze identity, access and end-point data then convert it to actionable information and insight.

Hosted Anywhere Operated by Covisint.

Enterprise adapters to ingest and publish data from/to third-party data stores and enterprise systems.

Our innovative capabilities accelerate secure, scalable connected solutions by connecting and managing ecosystems of people, systems and things.

APIs and developer resources accelerate custom development

Purpose-built for reliability, scalability, and operational agility

Establish access and authorization administration, delegation and policy management framework.

built on Cloud Foundry for enterprise scale, ingest data rapidly, upgrade with no downtime and run on any IaaS.

Designed for comprehensive identity lifecycle and access management across the complex ecosystem of enterprise identities.

Integration of legacy and modern messaging technologies enable rapid go-to-market initiatives.

Powered by Cloud Foundry / Open Stack.

IoT is real. Industry stalwarts like McKinsey, Gartner, Forrester, Cisco, GE and Intel all agree. And, the numbers are staggering. There will be a more than $6.2 trillion impact on the global economy, with 20 to 30 billion connected devices.

Normalize the data across people, systems and things no matter the underlying technology.

Our powerful capabilities and fully-featured set of APIs are uniquely positioned to meet the needs of enterprises and their growing network of internal and external users.

Flexible transformation of message payloads across document types, data formats and protocols.

accelerate development and provide easy to use frameworks.

Whether it is creating identities, authenticating them, or governing the complex rules required by your business Covisint has you covered.

Our leading-edge infrastructure agnostic architecture

Cloud-based directory and the tools to integrate and synchronize directories and identity-related data.

internet scalability via micro services.

Our world now requires a majority of business to happen digitally. For your business to be effective you need to manage and control the identities your business interacts with including people and things.

Secure, enable and manage trusted interactions in complex digital ecosystems.

Microservices exposed via RESTful APIs

UI accelerators to build custom applications with popular languages and libraries.

Robust enterprise service bus to transfer, route, prioritize and orchestrate messages.

self-service tools for developers and administrators to create, build, launch and monitor new apps.

Microservices architecture enables clients to develop and integrate solutions on the Covisint Platform.

incident management and response with 247 NOC.

developer-ready, UI-independent API gateway.

Enables Covisint partners, resellers and customers to host and take to market their own Covisint Platform.

Relationships between people, systems and things and the management of their lifecycles.

Software development toolkits (SDK)

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