industrial IoTM2M Communication IOT Solutions

industrial IoTM2M Communication IOT Solutions


ETAG is an IOT label, can easily managerment warehouse, save labor cost,

Retail Industry Experience, flow analysis system, hardware and software

Focusing on IoT market , helps customers improving working efficiency !

Professional Wireless Communication Experience, Core Team 15+ Years of Wireless communication Experience: Designed the worlds smallest CDMA module in 2009; In 2009, Participated in the national New Generation of Broadband Wireless Mobile Communication Network major special project. 2011, Passed the field test of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology; The first 1.4GHz LTE IoT data terminal was launched and applied to the Beijing Municipal Governments Special Affairs Network in 2011.

IoT Solutions Lora solution, NB solutions

The system consists of sensor acquisition module, data convergence transmission module, transmission line status monitoring platform, terminal power supply unit composed of four parts.Sensing acquisit

1. Reduce accident to vehicle and driver 2. Keep vehicle safe, avoid oil theft 3. Monitor vehicle and driver behavior to keep Compliance Management 4. Vehicle scheduling improve transportation efficiency 5. Help driver when accidents happen

•The vending machine wireless connection system can easily solve the vending machine sales management, maintenance and management problems, and let the vending machine support various modes of consump

industrial IoT/M2M Communication, IOT Solutions

Welcome to HonorIot, We supply different IoT solutions based on our DTU, M2M communicaiton

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