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What is an industrial smartwatch? It is an always connected, extendable device capable of integrating contextual information into app-based workflows. In comparison to a smartwatch, most HMI technologies simply use static dustrial smartwatches can be used to target business…

Rami Ismail: what triple-A game devs and indies can learn from each other

Safeguard Your Industrial Assets by Training Your Shop Floor Team in Cybersecurity

MediaTek likely won HomePod deal, hopes to make 5G iPhone modems

A Beginners Guide to Securing Your IoT Devices

IoT and Big Data at the Core of Digital Transformation Strategies

Most industry research into IIoT trends relies on insights gained from senior management and decision makers.A new study by Emory University students and Presenso is designed to gain an understanding of…

Sustainable Food Supply The oldest profession in the world (or the second oldest, depends on who you ask) is in for a makeover with IoT technology. Smart farming, an extension of precision agriculture,…

5 Strategies for Getting Real Traction With Your IoT Startup

Geekbench: Alleged 2018 iPhone gains around 10% speed and 4GB RAM

4 Key Takeaways from IoT World 2018

IoT Vulnerabilities Risk Mitigation

Whether at home or in business, the world of IoT (the Internet of Things) devices and machines has become an integrated part of our daily lives and is expected to not only…

What is IoT? A Simple Explanation of the Internet of…

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Intro to IoT 9 Major Keys to the Internet of…

Online bra startup Harper Wilde raises $2 million in seed round

How CX Will Help Power Autonomous Vehicle Adoption

Kroger to use driverless cars for last-mile grocery deliveries

Using Blockchain to Enable Supply Chain Transparency

If there is any remaining debate around how popular the Internet of Things (IoT) really is, it should be laid to rest: 2018 is the year that IoT-connected gadgets are expected…

The Way We Shop: eCommerce in the World of IoT

The idea of video cameras everywhere is used to conjure up thoughts of Police States or 1984. Today however, each of us walks around with at least two cameras at the…

Smart Agriculture is More Than the Internet of Cows

According to Cyber Risk in Advanced Manufacturing, from Deloitte and the Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation (MAPI), as much as 39% of manufacturing companies experienced a breach in the last…

Tonara launches an AI-powered tutoring service for budding musicians

Augmented World Expo 2018 Recap: The 4 Most Compelling Use Cases…

Do you have an idea for an IoT device, but you dont know where to start?Do you think you need a microcontroller, but youre not sure which one you should use?Are…

Is IoT the Key to the Future of Food Safety?

Spotify is testing a data-friendly Lite app for Android

Using MQTT for Inter-process Communication in IoT

Internet of Things Examples and Applications

The ESP32: Quick and Inexpensive Platform for Your Next IoT Device

The 5 Worst Examples of IoT Hacking and Vulnerabilities in Recorded…

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence Widespread Job Losses

Dell makes move to go public again after months-long review

Our Smart Buildings collect enormous amounts of data every day.But how do we turn data into value?A surprisingly related field answered this question years ago.Let me tell you how they did…

The Way We Shop: eCommerce in the World of IoT

The concept of self-driving cars has always intrigued many people. Weve seen it on television shows like Knight Rider and in films including Batman, Minority Report, and Total Recall. But within…

The Difference Between Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning

The Possibilities of Ubiquitous Video Streams

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New Research: Outlooks on IIoT Predictive Maintenance

To Commercialize IoT, Embrace the Venture Structure

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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence Widespread Job Losses

Smart supply chains: JDA acquires AI player Blue Yonder

How IoT is Driving the Autonomous Vehicle Revolution

Few Indian shopkeepers turn up for protests against Walmarts Flipkart deal

How to Use an Industrial Smartwatch in Manufacturing and Logistics

Using Blockchain to Enable Supply Chain Transparency

IoT World 2018 in Santa Clara united thousands of organizations and attendees, hundreds of speakers and exhibitors and dozens of IoT startups. Its one of those yearly events where you can…

Roughly 10 years ago, when the Internet of Things (IoT) was in its infancy, only a small number of enthusiasts were exploring IoT development. Today, people are increasingly interested in IoT; some build their own IoT devices to use…

Stop competing on credibility be more interesting.These are the words from Angel Investor, Paul Singh, that still ring in my ears after the Enterprise Rising conference in Minneapolis.I went to…

Google Brain researchers demo method to hijack neural networks

How IoT and Computer Vision Can Enhance Industrial Safety

Cellular IoT Explained NB-IoT vs. LTE-M vs. 5G and More

Digital innovation is important for 99% of executives, according to a Jabil survey from the beginning of 2018. Companies are ready to aggressively invest into digital transformation strategies and change their…

The technology that enables IoT has improved by leaps and bounds over the past 15 years. The commercialization methods, by contrast, havent changed much. Heres a good start: Structure your IoT…

How Data Visualization Impacts Your Business Strategy

The Internet of Things is complex, and there are many moving parts to understand before venturing into your own IoT project. To make the right decision for your product or company,…

How to Fight IoT Botnets From Policies to Process and People

5 Reasons to Use for your Next IoT Project

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Setting up Your Smart Home

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Practical Cryptography for the Internet of Things

AT&T raises DirecTV Now pricing by $5 per month

6 Ways to Enhance Customer Experience for IoT Devices

In todays era of digital transformation, the automotive industry is reinventing the way we interact with cars. Companies like Uber and Tesla have raised awareness of both the benefits and dangers…

Smart Buildings: Four Principles for Turning Data into Value

IoT and Big Data at the Core of Digital Transformation Strategies

We are in the wake of a 25 state li outbreak that was traced back to Romaine lettuce out of Yuma, Arizona, causing 75 hospitalizations and a death. Were also currently…

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