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Of course we can help you identify your business potential with IoT. We can also help you identify the impact it might have on your existing business processes and recommend a good way to start. For example, by finding a proof of concept and testing your IoT solution with our free trial kit.

Nothing is perfect from day one. But now that you have some data to work with, we can help you to optimise your solution. We can boost uptime, deal with unnecessary process inefficiencies or increase usage by improving customer experience.

Launch your IoT solution in a safe and efficient way.

When the time comes to take your IoT business to the next level, we have the people, experience and the network.

Where to start? How to start? What partners do I need?

Connectivity is at the heart of what we do making things talk. Lets explore what type of connectivity your solution will need.

Make sure your IoT solution is running and working as it should.

Making things talk opens up for all sorts of things: new types of services, new revenue streams, reduced environmental impact, improved quality and uptime, cost optimisations and an endless variety of strategic possibilities to grow your business. Divided into four categories, below youll find the products & services to make this happen.

We help you to engage with both IoT and your customers. Solid proof of concept and our free trial kit are a great starting point.

From the seed of an idea to the deployment of a large scale solution no matter where you are in the life cycle, we can help you take the next step on your IoT journey.

Congratulations on getting your IoT solution up and running. To make sure it runs smoothly, some tweaking and some learning are needed. Youre in good hands with our fantastic support desk, project managers and solution management services. Whatever it takes to make it manageable for you.

We are proud to deliver a complete IoT plug & play developer start kit, containing Libelium hardware, Microsoft Azure IoT Platform and connectivity from Tele2 IoT. The IoT developer kit will make it easier for enterprises to start their IoT journey and deploy IoT projects much faster.

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Increase the result of your IoT solution.

We develop really cool products and services to bring the necessary returns on your IoT investment. We will advise you on and orchestrate your IoT solution in order to grow your business.

Great ideas and proof of concept are fantastic, but now its time to get everything to work. We make sure you have the right connectivity and the best settings your control centre. Then, to avoid unnecessary costs and delays, we help to keep you away from the pitfalls.

Tunstall the leading elderly telehealth company in the world wanted to create a solution to offer elderly people more safety, high-quality care services and increased security. So Tunstall adopted a Tele2 IoT solution that incorporates an always-available IoT connectivity, local roaming and a top-quality do-it-yourself management portal into its elderly care monitoring solution. With these innovations Tunstall has seen an increase of 15% in customer satisfaction.

Tele2 IoT

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