Lessons from GE

Lessons from GE

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GEs former CEO, Jeff Immelt had a vision to transform GE through Predix, an industrial IoT platform for the industrial internet.

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The report, Its not easy for an industrial product company to build a software platform business, published as part of a series focusing on digital transformation in industrial companies looked at the challenges GE has faced as it attempts to establish a new operating model based on Predix, its IoT platform.

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There is general consensus that platforms are the foundation on which successful digital-first businesses like Uber and AirBnB have thrived. Business leaders regard platforms as strategic assets that can accelerate software revenue.

For Forrester, the key takeaways from GE Digital are that it will continue to bring value to existing GE customers through new software applications built on Predix. But Predixs role will change as GE Digital focuses on building Predix-enabled solutions for the internet of things, which will increase its value as an industrial IoT platform with measurable business outcome improvements.

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How Singapores MyRepublic hones its IT chops

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Key take aways from the Gartner Symposium 2013

Culture change is among the major challenges often discussed in conversations about digital transformation. From the research conducted by Forrester, digital disruptors are lean, nimble and flat and there are challenges in growing digital teams without a change in culture, which leads to frustration.

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Fenwick says: These acquisitions brought GE Digital important new software business capabilities as well as application functionality lacking in Predix at the time. However, as neither application suites were built on Predix, it has taken GE Digital some time to integrate the technologies. For ServiceMax, since it is built on the Salesforce platform, it offers complementary capabilities to GE digital customers, eventhough ServiceMax applications are not running on Predix. While integrating acquisitions is hard, its often the fastest way for companies to build application capability. GE Digital competitor,Siemens, has also been acquiring firms, arguably at a faster rate than GE.

GE launches new ISV partner programme

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Another of the issues Forrester identified is that internal startups struggle to compete against existing business units for resources, both human and financial. As a standalone profit and loss, the software business may also compete with existing business units for customer revenue. Restructuring business unit profit and loss reporting may be essential to give your software business the visibility it needs to stimulate investor support, Forrester advised.

Compliance Regulation and Standard Requirements

Clustering for high availability and HPC

For other businesses, Forrester warns that a software business cannot be run in the same way as a product business. Despite being respected the world over for its management expertise, GEs leaders have struggled to grow a software business, which requires a fundamentally different set of skills.

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Symantec CIO: Digital transformation plan shaped by cloud, AI

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The external workforce: are you realising its full value?

In the Forrester report, analyst Nigel Fenwick wrote: With no good news on the horizon, activist shareholders forced Immelt out and elevated John Flannery to CEO. Significant budget cuts followed as GE cut its dividend for just the second time since the great depression.

What is needed is the ability to shake up your financial structure. You also need to consider whether to change your profit and loss structure and accounting practices. Perhaps the single biggest leadership challenge in establishing a software business inside an existing company is how to structure the profit and loss.

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The challenges of transforming a business from asset-rich towards a service -powered business based on a digital platform was recently highlighted by analyst company Forrester.

Given that Immelts original vision was to build Predix as a viable industrial IoT platform, Forresters report points out that platforms are only as good as the applications they run.

The tech industry needs to change the way it defines hybrid cloud. A multi-cloud environment is often a more accurate description…

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Take-up of Transport for Londons BYOD scheme leapt last year

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GEs stated policy is to become a top 10 software companyby 2020. The company set out its action plan at the start of its Minds + Machines conference in San Francisco.

Forrester notes that although GE originally began to build Predix as a cloud service on its own infrastructure, it shifted towards the public cloud in 2016. By early 2017, GE Digital had cancelled plans to become a cloud platform provider. Instead it opted for Amazon and Microsoft as its primary cloud platform providers. According to Forrester, this change in direction was the right move, but it required a workforce realignment away from cloud infrastructure and towards cloud-native software skills, the report stated.

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As Forrester points out in the report, the wrong culture will derail even the best strategy. Legacy culture will always get in the way of digital transformation. In a product company that prides itself on building machines that cant fail think jet engines and artificial lungs the culture leans towards perfecting design before production, the Forrester report stated.

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In the report Fenwick wrote: You cannot scale better than public cloud providers. Big industrials tend to do things themselves so its natural for technology managers to think they can build software better than public cloud providers. Hyperscale cloud providers are investing billions to meet the demand for scalable, robust, secure software development in the cloud. Where do you want to spend your firms money managing infrastructure or building out solutions that meet customer needs?

As Fenwick explains: Industrial IOT technology is a rapidly evolving yet still very young industry. Companies like GE and Siemens are pioneers, applying these technologies within their own businesses first so they can learn how to apply them to help their customers. The good news is that the majority of industrial companies can leverage the lessons companies like GE and Siemens heave learned by selecting the right strategic IOT platform partner. For companies looking to build their own platform, they shouldfocus first on the application capabilities.

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Examining the challenges industrial giant GE  has encountered on its digital journey and the lessons learned for CIOs heading in the same direction

Experts advise attendees to focus on data stewardship and orchestration to make the most ofdigital transformationstrategies at JavaOne and Oracle OpenWorld.

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Data Breach Incident Management and Recovery

AsComputer Weekly has previously reported, GEs vision is to become a major software company and set out its action plan at the start of its Minds + Machines conference in San Francisco.

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In 2017, its Q4 2017 results showed that revenue in its power business declined 25% year-on-year, compared to 2016.

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GE Digital built up its portfolio by acquiring two software-as-a-service (SaaS) application providers Meridium, to extend existing asset performance management capabilities, and ServiceMax, for field service management in 2016.

Enhance efficiency by automating IT services

If were measuring GDP wrong in a digital world, what does that say about the economy?

The analyst firm warned that building platforms is even more challenging than building software since platforms must work for a broad range of solutions that have not even been designed yet.

Lessons from GEs flight to digital platforms

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Six CIO tips for working with business management colleagues

Since it is largely accepted that developing a software platform business is hard, especially for a big industrial company with a culture built around strong physical product innovation. Forrester recommends that CIOs and CTOs building a software business inside an industrial company must anticipate these challenges.

The challenge facing digital teams becomes apparent when you create these agile teams and they run up against the old decision-making culture. Because they are not fully empowered, they cannot push change. As a result, executives have to simultaneously change the enterprise culture or else the teams get frustrated and staff leave for greener pastures. Shifting the culture isnt easy, especially in a firm as historically successful as GE because there are always execs who can point to past success; they use it to argue their case for business-as-usual. Unfortunately, past success is no longer a recipe for future success in a world transformed by emerging technologies, Fenwick warns.

What are the fundamentals of a digital transformation plan? How do CIOs make it happen? Symantec CIO Sheila Jordan explains.

If you work in Linux, chances are you have to do some process management. Here are some commands to simplify that workflow.

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40 years ago today: Computer Weekly January 24 1974

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You must be ready to brush aside your legacy decision-making process to create a more customer-responsive culture, Fenwick adds

A grand jury for Special Counsel Robert Muellers election interference investigation indicted 12 Russian intelligence officers …

Microsoft announces major partnership with GE

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Looking at modern software businesses, the analyst firm notes that they thrive by deploying minimum viable products and rapidly evolving them through a process of continuous iteration.

Waves of disruption reshape IT service management landscape

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