Integrate any device, regardless of brand or protocol.

CIO Magazine, April 2016MIT Technologies quoteFree Software Ties the Internet of Things Together.

EU Commission recognizes OpenRemote asLeading Open Source IoT .

Design any user interface and system intelligence.

Whether it is crowd management, or asset management, we integrate sensors and control solutions in public spaces, and give area managers and visitors insight into their environment.

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Manage your home, combining climate, security, energy optimization and lighting ambiance. Set the scene you want, with the press of a button or just forget you even automated it.

Integrate building systems, from climate control, to lighting and security. We enable services like optimizing building energy consumption, or predictive maintenance for management.

MIT Technology Review, October 2013Different Needs, Tailored Solutions

Presenting Blok 61, large residential with DC, at Smart Home & Intelligent Buildings in Utrecht with

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How to manage risks with information atairports, a study by Research value of applicat

From a straightforward single account setup to your personal fully branded solution, including back-end services, OpenRemote provides you with the perfect solution.

Presenting Blok 61, large residential with DC, at Smart Home & Intelligent Buildings in Utrecht

OpenRemote 3.0 applied for end-user applications and the management tool for service provider inResidential building with a zero energy target.

Dutch Military Police is now piloting a border control solution, receiving notifications when passenger changes or profile flights require additional staff.

Assist people at home or support rehabilitation. We allow you to tailor for customer specific solutions.  Rules and messaging services make independent living a reality.

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