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Design dashboards and interfaces for web, mobile, or AR

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Improve visibility and control over your IoT solutions

Everything you need to make the Internet of Things work for business

This project will introduce how the AWS IoT button can be integrated with the ThingWorx platform.

This guide requires a connection to the ThingWorx Foundation.

Explore task-based guided walkthroughs of IoT development scenarios

Find technical references for building IoT applications with ThingWorx

Build and publish Augmented Reality experiences for connected products with Vuforia Studio.

We will teach you how to use ThingWorx to create an application that executes code when an AWS IoT button is pressed.

Training that keeps you on the cutting edge of knowledge and practice with PTC products

Create solutions using low-code development methods

Access recordings and register for live presentations that will expand your knowledge of IoT technologies

ThingWorx powered apps that deliver immediate value

It assumes that you are utilizing the 30-day hosted Foundation server or the 120-day downloaded trial.

for your hosted server now!

Collaborate with other developers, access our partner extension library, and learn more about ThingWorx

Define security parameters that conform to your business needs

Modify code in AWS Lambda to send Events to your ThingWorx Foundation server

Install both WiFi and AWS security credentials onto your button

Model the AWS IoT button using ThingWorx entities that respond to user interactions

In order to complete this exercise, you need the following:

Enable real-time asset monitoring and remote serivce

Create (AR) experiences without deep programing skills or existing expertise in AR

Engage with technical architects, customer care, and PTCs professional services team

Vuforia Studio is a versatile tool that enables you to build and publish Augmented Reality experiences for connected products.

Download the latest versions of our Trial Editions to test drive our robust IoT platform

All the resources you need to build and deploy IoT applications

Following the steps in this guide, you will create a data model with Services based on your AWS IoT button, and use Slack to integrate the two.

Leverage pre‑built solutions, download extensions, and customized components from our Marketplace

Access our eSupport Portal to resolve technical issues, and discover best practices

Gain real-time insights into machine connectivity & asset performance

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